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analog design journal Q3 2017


New articles

Designing a high-efficiency, isolated bidirectional power converter for a UPS

End equipment like uninterruptable power supplies (UPSs), battery backup units, battery banks, and supercapacitors are used to temporarily store energy.

Download (PDF, 302KB)

What you need to know about high-speed cables for FPD-Link III SerDes

Modern-day automobiles are packed with electronics, infotainment and driver-assistance subsystems.

Download (PDF, 255KB)

How to use isolation to improve ESD, EFT and surge immunity in industrial systems

Industrial equipment is expected to operate reliably in harsh environments. The cables connecting equipment inputs and outputs can pick up voltage and current noise from a variety of disturbances.

Download (PDF, 429KB)

Improving the thermal performance of a MicroSiP™ power module

Power modules are quickly gaining in popularity because of their high integration, which enables faster design time, ease of use and a smaller printed circuit board (PCB).

Download (PDF, 217KB)


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The Signal

The Signal

A compendium of blog posts on op amp design topics.

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Power Topologies Handbook

Power Topologies Handbook

Learn all the detailed equations used to calculate RMS and AC currents in switch-mode power supplies.

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