Clock and Timing - wide portfolio,
high performance, easy to use

Solve customer system challenges with easy to use, innovative
and cost effective clock and timing solutions


Improve system BER and timing margins

Clock Generators

Consolidate multiple crystals and oscillators

Clock Jitter Cleaners

Enhance your system with industry’s cleanest clocks

RF PLLs/Synthesizers

Extend the reach of your wireless links

Clock Buffers

Simplify your clock tree design with flexible buffers

Clock and timing videos

Texas Instruments offers a wide portfolio of high performance clock and timing products designed to make system engineer’s life easy. TI’s clock products enable systems to reduce bit error rates on serial links, improve signal to noise ratio (SNR) in wireless links, minimize EMI, consolidate multiple crystals and save overall system cost. TI’s offers easy to use design tools and worldwide support to help engineers quickly design, simulate and verify clock tree performance.