TI delivers a broad portfolio of data converters,including ADC and DAC converters.Featuring high-performance 12-bit to 18-bit SAR ADC, 16-bit to 24-bit delta-sigma ADC, 10-bit to 16-bit pipeline ADC, and 8-bit to 20-bit DACs, TI has a data converter for all your analog applications.

Product Tree

  • myTI
  • DAC8760
  • Data adquisition system for optical encoders reference design
  • The lowest power, high-performance 25-160MSPS AFE reference design
  • ADS8688

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TI Precision Designs - TI Precision Designs is a library of complete board-and- system level circuits designed to help engineers quickly evaluate and customize their systems while expanding their analog knowledge base. Three levels of designs are offered - Reference, Verified and CerTIfied – providing a combination of theory, methodology, simulation, tested results, and design files from the desks of our analog experts.

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