Motor Drivers

From drop-in and spin to highly-complex industrial motors, TI has the most scalable motor solutions across a broad range of voltage, current, interface, integration and control options.

TI’s motor drive solutions are highly integrated, simplifying design, reducing board space and lowering overall system cost. Ranging from fully integrated motor drivers with simple control interfaces to gate drivers and power MOSFETs, TI’s products leverage the industry’s most advanced packaging technology, minimizing board space.
Advanced on chip configurable control algorithms allow system designers to quickly tune their motor designs for optimal performance. Advanced current regulation engines, highly efficient gate drives, sensored and sensorless solutions all simplify designs.
TI’s motor drive portfolio includes both protection and diagnostic safety features for automotive and industrial applications. Able to handle harsh environments, these products are designed to protect both the driver and the motor.
The motor drive product portfolio is backed by TI’s world class support which include tools and TI Design reference designs, documentation, engineer-to-engineer support and more. These tools are designed to help our customers solve their unique design challenges and get to market quickly, saving both time and money.

Solutions with superior current regulation and on-chip and external microstepping for smooth motion profiles

Simple and protected solutions with on-chip current regulation optimized to save both cost and board space

Robust and protected solutions with on-chip and external commutation for sensored and sensorless motors

Protected inductive load driving solutions for multiple relays, solenoids or valves

Gate driver solutions for high-power motors operating from an alternating current supply

Fully protected and easy-to-use DRV5000 Hall sensors for motor control and position sensing applications

Comprehensive set of motor haptic drivers for eccentric rotating mass (ERMs) and linear resonant actuators

Robust capacitive isolation technology for systems that require high voltage isolation ratings

Capable of driving high current with excellent thermal performance for motors

Integrated motor drivers for optical disk drive systems controlled by serial programmable interface