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Portable Power

Portable Power Management

High-Performance, Integrated Power Management Solutions for Battery-Powered Designs

TI delivers low-power solutions to fit battery power design challenges for a variety of applications, including cell phones, notebook computers, portable medical and industrial devices and more.

Device Details Datasheets Samples
TPS61220 0.7-V input DC/DC boost converter for solar cells Data Sheet Order
BQ24150 1.25-A integrated switch-mode, single-cell Li-Ion and USB charger Data Sheet Order
TPS61087 3.2-A switch-current limit boost converter Data Sheet Order
TPS62290 1-A buck converter in 2x2 QFN package Data Sheet Order
TPS62750 Programmable input-current-limit buck converter for USB applications Data Sheet Order
TPS63030 95%-efficient buck-boost converter in 2.5x2.5 QFN package Data Sheet Order
TPS61165 High-power boost LED driver in 2x2 QFN package Data Sheet Order
TPS61500 High-brightness boost LED driver with 3-A switch Data Sheet Order
TPS65001 3-channel mini PMU with 1 buck converter and 2 LDOs Data Sheet Order
TPS781xx 1-µA quiescent-current LDO Data Sheet Order
TPS728xx 200-mA LDO with 2 output options via VSET pin Data Sheet Order

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