TI's power management integrated circuits (ICs) range from standard ICs to integrated solutions, including power modules, digital power, battery management and high-performance MOSFETs and gate drivers. TI's extensive product selection ranges from isolated AC/DC and DC/DC power supply controllers and non-isolated voltage regulators, such as switching DC/DC converters and linear regulators, to PMIC and LED drivers and display solutions. Leveraging TI's extensive portfolio of power management products, design tools and support resources can help you build innovative, efficient and affordable solutions, getting you to market faster.

Product Tree
  • Wireless power reference designs for wearable devices
  • LM3643/LM3644/LM3648 family of camera llash drivers
  • TPS61291 Ultra-low-power boost converter
  • SIMPLE SWITCHER Nano Modules
  • Robust Battery Management Tools
  • TPS22915

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Power Management
Part # Name
BQ24188 2A, 30V, Host-Controlled Single-Input, Single Cell Switchmode Li-Ion...
BQ34Z100-G1 Multi-Chemistry Impedance Track Standalone Fuel Gauge | Battery Gas Gauge
CSD19534KCS CSD19534KCS 100 V N-Channel NexFET™ Power MOSFET
CSD87501L CSD87501L 30-V Dual N-Channel Common Drain NexFET™ Power MOSFET
CSD97394Q4M CSD97394Q4M Synchronous Buck NexFET™ Power Stage
LM5160A LM5160A Wide Input 65V, 1.5A Synchronous Buck / Fly-Buck™ Converter
LM5175 LM5175 42V Wide VIN 4-Switch Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller
LMR14020 LMR14020 40V 2A SIMPLE SWITCHER ® , 2.2MHz Step-Down Regulator with 40μA IQ
LMR14030 LMR14030 40V, 3.5A SIMPLE SWITCHER®, 2.2MHz Step-Down Regulator with 40uA...
LMR14050 LMR14050 40V 5A SIMPLE SWITCHER ® , 2.2MHz Step-Down Regulator with 40μA IQ
TPS62134D 17-V Input, Step-down Converter with Low Power Mode Input for Intel SkyLake...
TPS62184 17-V, 6A, 2-Phase Step Down Converter with AEE and 100mm2 Solution Size
TPS92512 2.5-A Buck Current Regulator for LED Lighting
TPS92512HV 2.5-A Buck Current Regulator for LED Lighting
UCC28063A Natural Interleaving Transition-Mode PFC Controller with Improved Audible...