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Texas instruments offers high performance, high power broadband RF and digital radio products for any RF design - featuring low power, high levels of integration and complete reference design support. The RF and digital radio product portfolio includes discrete and integrated IQ modulators, demodulators, PLL/VCO synthesizers, digital up-converters, digital down-converters and crest factor reduction and digital pre-distortion solutions for wireless infrastructure, test, measurement and defense and aerospace equipments.

  • TRF371109: - 0.3 - 1.7 GHz Wide Bandwidth Integrated Direct Downconversion Receiver
  • TRF372017: - 300 MHz to 4.8GHz Quadrature Modulator with integrated wideband PLL/VCO
  • TSW6011EVM: - RX channel board demonstrating TRF371125 to ADS5282
  • TSW3725EVM: – 2TX, 2RX BTS architecture with digital pre-distortion

RF meets performance of Stellaris® MCU

New development kits using Stellaris give intelligence, advancing functionality to low-power RF & ZigBee®

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