WEBENCH® Power Architect

Quick expert design of multi-tier, multi-rail power supplies

WEBENCH® WEBENCH® Power Architect lets you quickly design and simulate a complete power supply system for any number of supplies and outputs. You can also optimize the entire power supply system for small footprint, high efficiency, and cost in minutes. See Power Architect step-by-step instructions.


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Power Architect variations:


Power Architect product support:

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FPGA Power Architect

Power Architect models and optimizes power supplies for FPGAs in minutes. It incorporates the detailed supply requirements of more than 500 FPGAs and multiple unique loads and sequencing requirements to drive precisely specified voltages.

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Processor Power Architect

This tool incorporates the supply requirements of ARM® and DSP processors, and microcontrollers. It also includes specific limitations for ripple, noise filtering, ripple sensitivity, sequencing, synchronization and separation of supplies.

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System Power Architect

Rapidly create, optimize, and implement multiple-output, high-performance DC-DC power supplies and isolated power systems with hot swap capability. WEBENCH System Power Architect delivers the robust design capability to build and optimize a complete power system from the edge of the card to the smallest point-of-load.

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Product support:

Controllers and regulators

Power Architect brings the powerful capabilities of Power Designer to each rail of your power supply system. Hundreds of regulators, controllers, modules and LDOs are utilized in Power Architect to quickly build your power system to meet demanding needs for efficiency, cost and size. Choose from any topologies: buck, boost, SEPIC, buck-boost, inverting, flyback and Fly-Buck™. All capabilities supported in Power Designer for optimization, BOM changes, electrical simulation, thermal simulation and export are available for each rail of your system.



DDR regulators

Supporting DDRs means that with WEBENCH Power Architect, you can be sure that you’ll have the appropiate standard voltage based on DDR type and that you have enough current to drive the actual load. The complexity of combing through a datasheet is a thing of the past as Power Architect provides you with a custom solution that meets all your DDR requirements.

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PMU Power Architect

Optimize your power design with PMUs. Easily use complex power supplies, rapidly compare options to address multiple loads, and simplify processor and FPGA power design.

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Sequencers and load switches

The addition of these two product groups to Power Architect gives you the ability to build complex power tree structures with intricate startup sequences to suit your needs. With pre-loaded timing diagrams for a host of FPGAs and microprocessors, Power Architect with sequencers and load switches saves you time pouring over timing diagrams to ensure proper startup and initialization and reading and entering input/output electrical characteristics from a datasheet.

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