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Advancing the smart factory through technology innovation

Making factories smarter, more productive through predictive maintenance

Manufacturers who are looking to enable effective predictive maintenance require advanced integrated circuit (IC) solutions that cover every stage of data collection from the sensor to the cloud. TI provides a range of innovative products designed for industrial applications, along with the expertise and commitment to bring predictive maintenance and other smart factory benefits to manufacturing plants worldwide.

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Programmable Logic Control Guide

Programmable Logic Control Guide

PLC is the workhorse of Industrial Control systems. TI's guide makes it easy to explore the entire solution and find tailored software, tools and reference designs.

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Industrial Communication Guide

Industrial Communication Guide

TI has a close partnership with the industrial ecosystem and offers the ability to complete an entire industrial system design with analog and embedded products.

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Field Transmitters Guide

Field Transmitters Guide

TI has a broad portfolio of products catering to industrial sensing, ranging from precision amplifiers and data converters to interface products, power products, and high performance microprocessors.

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