TI’s automotive portfolio includes analog and connectivity solutions, DLP® displays, ADAS and infotainment processors, and safety MCUs and parts compliant with AEC-Q100 and TS16949 standards, and SafeTI™ product compliant with ISO 26262.


Analog Solutions

Signal Chain and Power Management - TI has an extensive portfolio of signal chain and power management products that are compliant with AEC-Q100 and TS16949 standards. The Q1-designated devices include amplifiers, audio, comparators, data converters, interface, motor control, sensor interface, FPD Link, USB, CAN, current shunt monitors, highly integrated SoC, motor drivers, touch screen controllers and power management devices such as converters, controllers, power management ICs, LDO, supervisors, battery charger, fuel gauge, LED drivers, wireless charging and many more.


Applications Processors
DRAx “Jacinto“ processors combine industry-leading hardware and solutions with a comprehensive software ecosystem to enable cost-effective, scalable, and feature-rich automotive infotainment systems optimized for innovative automotive capabilities, cost, and full solution interoperability.

Automotive vision processors
Texas Instruments automotive vision processors are scalable and flexible, and enable a broad range of automotive driver assistance and safety (ADAS) applications, including parking assistance, front camera capabilities, blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control, and night vision.

MCU - Microcontrollers

Hercules™ TMS470M and TMS570 safety MCUs contain dual lockstep cores with functional safety hardware and software features, and are designed specifically to help customers get to market faster to meet safety standards in safety critical applications.

C2000™ 32-bit 28x Delfino MCUs contain powerful on-chip peripherals and analog modules such as PWMs and ADCs that help make cars more reliable and efficient for optimal performance.

Wireless Connectivity

WiLink 8Q automotive wireless connectivity family offers scalability across Wi-Fi® multiple technologies to deliver advanced features including in-car multimedia streaming video in-parallel with Bluetooth® hands free calling and high accuracy navigation with simultaneous GPS and GLONASS.

Bluetooth® low energy CC2541-Q1 wireless microcontroller delivers new automotive use cases through low power, low cost, and simplified automotive connectivity to emerging smartphone-controlled and wire-replacement applications.

Automotive Product Tree


WiLink™ 8Q for advanced connectivity

Wi-Fi®+Bluetooth®+GNSS chip for video streaming, monitoring and control


Controllers (MCU - Microcontrollers) - TI Motor Drives and Control Solutions

Hercules DRV8301-LS12-KIT three phase BLDC, PMSM Motor Kit with DRV8301, Encoder, and TMS570 Safety MCU

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Controllers (MCU - Microcontrollers) - TI Motor Drives and Control Solutions

Hercules TMDX570LS12HDK (TMS570LS12x/11x) Safety Development Kit

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CC2541 Mini Development Kit

CC2541 Mini Development Kit

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