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Building Automation

TI’s building automation solutions enable systems that monitor and control the mechanical, electronics and lighting in an intelligent building or a smart home.


Video Surveillance - Overview

Security - You and TI can make it happen.

Video surveillance products can be used to provide real-time security in any situation and include a variety of products such as analog and IP network cameras, DVR/DVS, video analytics servers, and optical networking.

Texas Instruments offers a wide variety of solutions for the video surveillance market, including high-performance embedded processors, video decoders, Ethernet PHYs, Power-Over-Ethernet solutions, and interface devices. TI’s broad range of DSPs gives designers the flexibility to design a variety of video surveillance products to meet an ever changing market.

Surveillance cameras allow for remote viewing and monitoring across either an analog or IP network. The user is able to not only monitor the video feed but also control the cameras to pan or zoom as needed. Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Digital Video Server (DVS) systems allow recording of HD video surveillance as well as storage of the data and remote access via TCP/IP networks.

Optical Networking, or video over fiber, allows the real-time delivery and synchronization between high-definition video and audio, without putting a heavy load on high-speed data networks. Video analytics servers take multiple camera inputs and then digitize, compress and stream digital media content over an IP network, such as a LAN, intranet or the Internet, allowing remote viewing, configuration and control.


Security Resources

DM365 DaVinci

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ESD Protection

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