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Enterprise Systems

Texas Instruments solutions for computer and peripheral solutions help designers develop the latest for small office-home office (SOHO) to enterprise-class products.


Enterprise Systems Solutions - Overview

Advances in enterprise computing are transforming the way people live and get connected. The plethora of mobile devices available today will transform the backend computing infrastructure required to handle trillions of connected devices.  TI's complete analog signal chain, embedded processing, interface, power management and wireless solutions are fueling innovation by enabling more complex and more reliable computing systems.

A server is a computing system designated to run a specific application or applications for extended periods of time and often with minimal human interference. Server systems can be as simple as a single computer running an application to being as complex as data centers filled with thousands of racks of servers running multiple applications at once. Servers combine software and hardware to run services that help enterprises reduce administrative costs and offer high availability and dependability.

For services like web, print, and e-mail, servers provide these services to many users over a network, often running for long periods of time. The demand for instant access to these services requires servers to have high hardware reliability and durability. As web services and mobile devices connected to the cloud increase, the need for more servers will increase as well.

Some main challenges facing the end users for servers include:

  • Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for the servers by reducing the power consumption caused by running the servers in the center as well as keeping the servers cool and in safe operating temperature. 
  • Designing reliable Uninterruptable Power Supply systems to ensure that key services will continue to function in the event of power loss.  
  • Managing the need for high storage and I/O performance as the number of users connected to the server systems increases.   

TI brings a deep system level understanding of servers and delivers a broad portfolio of proven ICs that address this market by enabling high-performance computing while improving power quality and ensuring product longevity.

Regardless of the computing application, TI delivers a breadth of products and best-in-class systems expertise and support.   On these pages, you can find system block diagrams, recommended products, collateral, design considerations and tools for a variety of enterprise computing device designs from servers to solid state drives.

Enterprise Systems Solutions