TI offers industrial software & hardware system solutions for automation & process control, POS, motor control, display & test/measurement applications, with MCUs, processors, amplifiers, data converters, interface, power, RF & clocks.


Industrial System Solutions - Overview

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Experience + Innovation = TI Industrial Solutions

Building on an 80-year commitment to the industrial market, Texas Instruments (TI) is the global semiconductor supplier that engineers rely on for products that meet harsh environment and long-operating-life standards, while maintaining continuity of supply through multi-sourced manufacturing resources.

TI’s penchant for innovation drives industrial solutions that are smarter and safer, with optimized products and support for application-specific solutions that help customers easily meet industrial system challenges.

TI’s portfolio of analog integrated circuits (ICs) include data converters, amplifiers, interface, isolation, clocking, and power management devices that enable customers to differentiate their products across numerous industrial solutions. Optimized embedded processors also support a broad range of applications, including smart grid, industrial automation, smart home, motor control, test and measurement, LED lighting and sensors, while TI software, design tools and support simplify and accelerate design cycles.

Innovate with 80,000+ analog ICs and embedded processors, along with software, tools and the industry’s largest sales and support staff.

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Embedded Analytics solutions for Industrial

Control systems, factory automation, robotics, automated optical inspection, currency inspection, traffic management and many other types of industrial systems incorporate various aspects of embedded analytics. Often, machine vision is central to these industrial systems, but many also include a range of sensor inputs not found in other types of embedded analytics applications, such as pressure, temperature, motion and sound.

Enhanced Products

Optimized for industrial environments and extended product life cycles, TI’s expanded line of Enhanced Products (EP) offers additional value-added qualifications and processing.

Extended Temperature

Texas Instruments offers a wide range of Enhanced Products for industrial customers whose application must work in harsh environments. TI’s Enhanced Products datasheets are specified over extended temperatures with qualification and reliability reports available online. Multiple packaging options are supported with nickel-palladium lead finishes and SnPb solder balls (eliminating “tin whisker” issues) and special materials sets optimized for extreme temperatures. Bare die and Known Good Die are also available for integrating multiple functions in applications with severe space limitations.

Die/Wafer Solutions

Texas Instruments Incorporated has expanded package options with the additional availability of bare die to facilitate integrated solutions for space-constrained applications which provide both weight and power dissipation savings while improving overall system-level reliability. New small volume waffle pack quantities allow prototyping without the need to purchase a full wafer. Bare die are offered as known good die (quality and reliability the same as a packaged part), tested die (25°C DC tested only), and commercial grade wafers. TI offers three categories of bare die screening:

  • Tested Die (TD): TD is defined as 25 DC probed die that have not undergone any special testing. Also called bare die.
  • Known Good Die (KGD): KGD is defined as die that have the same quality and reliability as the equivalent packaged part.
  • Commercial Die

TI Industrial Solutions by Application

Video Surveillance & Security

Sensors & Field Transmitters

Lighting & Signage

Automation and Motor Drives

Automation and Motor Drives

Automation and Motor Drives

Smart Grid

Aerospace & Defense

Test & Measurement

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