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TI helps customers create innovative products for transforming healthcare worldwide. With unequaled expertise in analog & embedded processing, TI provides superior components for health, fitness and medical imaging.


TI HealthTech - Imaging

TI HealthTech - Imaging

Medical imaging technology is continually evolving and advancing, all with the goal of enabling early diagnosis, prevention, and patient comfort. Medical imaging modalities such as ultrasound, x-ray and MRI all have complex processing and performance needs that push the limits of what is possible. By developing innovative ways to increase integration, lower noise, and lower power consumption, TI components make high performance medical imaging more flexible, affordable and accessible.

TI HealthTech’s broad portfolio, backed by the resources of the TI global enterprise, is the world’s largest producer of analog and embedded processors and the single most experienced source for healthcare components.

On this page, you can find system block diagrams, IC product specifications, collateral, design considerations and tools for medical imaging applications.


Continua Health Alliance  TI is a Continua Health Alliance Partner


TI HealthTech provides superior components for health, fitness and medical imaging. HealthTech Fitness Health Imaging

Security X-Ray solutions from TI

ADS1298: Complete Analog Front End for ECG/EEG

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