Motor Drive & Control

For various motor types; AC Induction (ACIM), Brushed DC, Brushless DC (BLDC), Permanent Magnet Synchronous and Stepper find the right devices, software and support to precisely control the position, velocity and torque.


Overview of TI's Motor Drive and Control Solutions

TI Spins Motors. TI is a global market leader that leverages a rich history in advanced motor control expertise, combines it with analog and embedded processing portfolios, and delivers complete motor system solutions. Choose TI for broadest motor expertise, breadth of selection, and comprehensive support for efficient, reliable, cost-effective drive and control solutions.

Motor Control Signal Chain Block Diagram

TI provides a broad range of analog products, digital controllers and software to precisely control the position, velocity and torque of mechanical drives. Motor control and drive solutions are available for small drives including solenoids, DC or brushless DC and steppers; and for larger drives such as AC-open loop and closed loop systems that utilize much higher voltages, typically hundreds of volts.

The DRV8x family of integrated motor drivers enable customers to quickly and easily spin their motors, reducing time to market and greatly simplifying design.  By integrating the gate drive circuitry, sense amps, protection, FETS, industry standard control interfaces, and drive algorithms, the design complexity, board space, and time to spin a motor have all be greatly reduced. With on-chip protection including overcurrent, thermal, shoot-through, and undervoltage, the DRV8x family is robust, reliable, and fully protected.

In addition to high-performance analog and mixed-signal devices for a variety of motor control applications, TI also offers high performance and ultra-low-power microcontrollers to meet every design challenge. TI's C2000™ microcontroller family combines high-performance, real-time control to offer a powerful, single-chip solution for motor control. The MSP430F54xx series features a powerful 16-bit RISC CPU, 16-bit registers and a rich set of built-in precision analog peripherals that contribute to maximum code efficiency.


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