Motor Drives

Find the right TI devices, software and support to precisely control motor position, velocity and torque. Browse by industrial applications including Robotics, AC Inverters, Servos, Hoists, Power Tools, CNC and Textile Machines or by motor types: DC or brushless DC, steppers, PMSM and AC Induction Motors.


Overview of TI's Motor Drive and Control Solutions

TI Spins Motors. TI is a global market leader that leverages a rich history in advanced motor control expertise, combines it with analog and embedded processing portfolios, and delivers complete motor system solutions. Choose TI for broadest motor expertise, breadth of selection, and comprehensive support for efficient, reliable, cost-effective drive and control solutions.

TI provides a broad range of analog products, digital controllers and software to precisely control the position, velocity and torque of mechanical drives. Industrial motor control and drive solutions are available for Industrial Robotics, Servo Drives, AC Inverters, CNC Machines, Soft Starters, Elevators and Hoists as well as Power Tools. In addition, these application pages give examples by motor types including permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), DC or brushless DC and steppers; and for AC Induction Motors that may require much higher voltages, typically hundreds of volts.