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Find the right TI devices, software and support to precisely control motor position, velocity and torque. Browse by industrial applications including Robotics, AC Inverters, Servos, Hoists, Power Tools, CNC and Textile Machines or by motor types: DC or brushless DC, steppers, PMSM and AC Induction Motors.


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Motor Drive & Control - Products

DRV8x Motor Drivers

  • Integrated Motor Drivers
    Integration of the Gate Driver, MOSFETS and protection circuitry inside a single IC provides the highest level of functionality at the lowest cost and physical size.
  • Gate Drivers (MOSFET)
    The gate driver is a power amplifier designed to precisely control and drive the power stage section. It is designed to produce the high-current drive required to switch power MOSFETs and IGBTs.
SimpleLink™ Smart RF Transceivers

Microcontrollers (MCUs)

    • Up to 300MHz
    • Flash 16KB to 512KB, PWM, ADC, CAN, SPI, I2C, EMIF, QEI
    • Motor Control
    • Up to 25MHz
    • Flash 0.5KB to 256KB, ADC, DAC, LCD, RF, PWM, Op-Amp, SPI, I2C
    • Measurement, Metering, Sensing, General Purpose


    • Up to 80MHz
    • Flash 8KB to 512KB, USB, ENET, MAC&PHY, CAN, ADC, PWM, SPI, QEI
    • Motor Control, Human Machine Interface (HMI), Industrial Automation
    • Up to 330MHz
    • Up to 4MB Flash, Ethernet, USB, Flexray, CAN, ADC, PWM
    • Safe Motor Control for Transportation and Industrial Applications
SimpleLink™ Wireless Networking Solutions

DRV5x Hall Effect Sensors

    • Supports high-voltage load dump (up to 40V)
    • Devices feature a power-on “ready” pulse at start-up
    • Fast power-on time (35 µsec)
    • Fast switching time (less than 15µsec)
    • Reverse supply protection (up to -22V)
    • Overcurrent protection


TI offers four types of Hall Effect Sensors for a variety of applications including 3-phase BLDC motors; index counting; position, speed, acceleration; presence detection; proximity sensing and open/close detection.

SimpleLink™ Wireless MCUs

Signal Chain

  • Industrial Communications
    Complicated motor control applications often require communication busses in order to control and synchronize multiple motors with a main motion controller.
  • Digital Isolation
    Digital isolation is typically used in high voltage motor drives in between the control electronics and the high voltage gate drivers to protect the controller in case of mechanical or electrical faults in the power stage.


  • Discrete Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs)
    ADCs are often used in high voltage or high precision motor control where the on-chip ADC in the microcontroller does not offer enough performance or when using digital isolation to separate the sensitive control logic from high voltage power stage.
  • Current Sense Amps
    Electronic circuits that monitor the current flow by measuring the voltage drop across a resistor placed in the current path.
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