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Motor Drive & Control

For various motor types; AC Induction (ACIM), Brushed DC, Brushless DC (BLDC), Permanent Magnet Synchronous and Stepper find the right devices, software and support to precisely control the position, velocity and torque.


Motor Drive & Control - Support

  • DRV8412 Integrated Motor Driver for Brushed and Stepper Motors with Piccolo F28035 controlCARD - TI.com
  • World's smallest 1.8A brushed DC motor driver
  • Motor Blog
  • DRV8711
  • InstaSPIN motor technology

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Join us for Technology Days, timely technical design seminars and technology exhibits coming to a city near you.







Motor Solutions Blog
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Motor Drivers
InstaSPIN Motor Solutions
Tiva C Series ARM TM4C MCU
Hercules™ ARM® Cortex™ Safety
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Hercules™ ARM® Cortex™ Safety




Using TI InstaSPIN™ motor control technology on the C2000™ MCUs, designers can reduce development time and improve energy efficiency of their applications. Motor applications include white goods, e-bikes, industrial motors and drives, treadmills, quad-copters, electric vehicles, fans and more!





On-Line Training

Date Description Category
On Demand Learn about TIs breakthrough motor control technology, InstaSPIN™-FOC Webinar
On Demand Motor Control Compendium: The Ultimate in Motor Control Tutorials Course Materials
On Demand Safety Challenges for Motor Control Electronics Webcast
On Demand Miniature Motion Control for Medical Devices Webcast
On Demand Solenoid Driving With DRV8841/42 Application Note
On Demand TMS320C2000™ Motor Control Primer Wiki
On Demand Intro to Motors & Motor Control Webcast
On Demand Field Oriented Control of Permanent Magnet Motors Webcast
On Demand Digital Motor Control MCUs Webcast
On Demand TMS320C28x™ Digital Signal Controller Plus Floating Point Unit Webcast
On Demand Getting Started F28335 eZdsp Starter Kit Webcast
On Demand Implementing Digital Motor Control with High Performance, Low Cost MCUs Webcast

In Person Training

Date Description Category Cost
Vary by location and country TI Technology Days
The IC training is aimed at providing a learning forum for design engineers where practical high-performance solutions, tools and workshops are presented for analog and digital technologies.
Technology Days Vary by location and country

Motor Drive & Control - Video