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Find the right TI devices, software and support to precisely control motor position, velocity and torque. Browse by industrial applications including Robotics, AC Inverters, Servos, Hoists, Power Tools, CNC and Textile Machines or by motor types: DC or brushless DC, steppers, PMSM and AC Induction Motors.


Introducing highly integrated DRV8x-Q1 motor drivers
  • World's smallest 1.8A brushed DC motor driver
  • Speed safety development and certification
  • InstaSPIN motor technology
  • DRV8711
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  • TIDA-00115 - Low Voltage Brushed Motor System
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New Products

  • DRV5000 Hall effect sensor family - Designed for use in diverse industrial applications ranging from position detection to brushless DC (BLDC) motor control, the DRV5000 sensor family includes digital latch, digital switch and analog bipolar output types.
  • DRV8307/08 – TI’s new 3-phase brushless gate drivers and controllers include the DRV8307, which features a single pin PWM interface, and the DRV8308, which integrates closed loop digital speed control.
  • Highly integrated motor drivers for non-safety critical automotive applications - TI’s new automotive motor drivers support brushed DC (BDC), stepper and brushless DC (BLDC) motors. The DRV8801-Q1, DRV8823-Q1, DRV8832-Q1 and DRV8301-Q1 can reduce board space by as much as 60% compared to the competition, enabling smaller, more cost effective designs.
  • DRV8711 - TI’s first integrated stepper motor pre-driver, the DRV8711, is highly configurable with a best-in-class on-chip micro-stepping indexer, as well as stall detection, and advanced current regulation that easily and efficiently tunes any motor. External MOSFETs control the stepper motor to provide minimum heat dissipation and 20% more scalable output current than the nearest competitor.

TI Designs

New BLDC Reference Designs Simplify Industrial Motor Designs

Tools & Software

New Kit for Flexible Resolver-to-Digital Conversion

With the C2000 MCU Resolver Kit, designers can easily implement resolver to digital conversion using a software library on programmable C2000 MCUs. Start saving instantly on system cost and space in a variety of rotor sensor based applications, including robotics, servo drives, automation, avionics and transportation.

Variable speed brushless (BLDC) motor control solutions

TI’s sensorless InstaSPIN™ enabled motor control solution is a platform for development of three-phase motor control systems. These motors are often used in applications such as fans, compressors, pumps, tools, traction and a myriad of other home and commercial applications.

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