Grid Infrastructure

Smart grid and energy system solutions include a broad portfolio of silicon, software and tools for grid infrastructure, utility metering, and wired or wireless grid communication.


  • Zero drift PGA based Analog Front End Design for Circuit Breakers
  • 30W Ultra Wide Range Power Supply for Protection Relays Reference Design
  • Low-Power, Low-Noise Analog Front End Design for Circuit Breakers

Grid Protection & Control - Overview

The worldwide electric-power infrastructure is a set of interconnected assets for power generation, transmission, conversion and distribution commonly referred to as "The Grid." As demand for energy accelerates, governments, power producers, distributors, equipment providers and other stakeholders are working together to modernize this outdated and taxed infrastructure to add intelligence, communications, and decentralized control.

Accurate measurement of currents and voltages is required for metering and protection, while the ability to process enables the measured data to be evaluated and used for decision making including shut down or bring up of assets as required. Communication enables multiple assets to be monitored and controlled effectively based on the analysis. Typical equipment seen on the grid infrastructure include: protection relays and circuit breakers, among a myriad of others. But the Measurement, Processing/Analytics and Communication capabilities are a common thread among all of these equipment. TI can equip designers with solutions that that address all three critical capabilities.

Latest reference designs for Grid Protection & Control applications

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