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Smart Grid & Energy

Smart grid and energy system solutions include a broad portfolio of silicon, software and tools for grid infrastructure, utility metering, and wired or wireless grid communication.


Power Line Communication (PLC) - Overview

TI’s PLC modem systems provide the best performing communication platform for today’s Smart Grid networks around the world.

Modern PLC networks utilize OFDM modulation techniques to increase data throughput rates and reliability in inherently noisy environments such as electric grids. And due its successful history of OFDM expertise Texas Instruments has long been a pioneer in developing OFDM communications technology.

TI’s PLC solutions provide the flexibility of a single hardware and software design that can support multiple standards and therefore a single global platform, which reduce R&D costs and speed time to market.


Solution Features:

  • Complete, certified and field-tested PLC modem for worldwide PLC standards
  • Fully integrated AFE031 analog front end for PLC supports FSK, SFSK, OFDM (PRIME, G3 compliant) in the CENELEC frequency band
  • Optimized TMS320FPLC83 Piccolo MCU executes all of the PLC algorithms from the low level physical layer through the networking layer
  • TMDSPLCKIT-V3 C2000™ Power Line Modem Developer’s Kit includes two PLC modems, PRIME or G3 PLC software, built-in USB JTAG emulation, all necessary power and connection cables, 32KB limited Code Composer Studio™ (CCS) integrated development environment

Find recommended devices, tools and software for PRIME, PRIME Data Concetrator, G3 Data Conentrator, G3 FCC and PLC-Lite™ on the PLC products page.

Smart Grid and Intelligent Control Applications

Power line communications technology enhances intelligence and reliability across a broad range of smart grid applications, including smart electrical meters, lighting, solar, electric car charging, smart appliances, home automation, intelligent building control, and networking. Suited for applications such as smart metering and control applications, TI offers a robust low frequency narrowband PLC technology ensuring data integrity while lowering power consumption and reducing system cost. Developers also speed design, tuning, and testing with the TI plcSUITE™, a comprehensive development platform offering programmable modulation and protocol libraries within a complete software framework. TI's PLC roadmap will provide developers with PLC solutions for every stage of the Smart Grid from utility substations to the entire home area network.

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The AFE032 is a fully-integrated analog front-end The AFE032 is a fully-integrated analog front-end for PLC
The AFE031 is a fully-integrated analog front-end TMDSPLCKIT-V3 C2000 Power Line Modem Developer's Kit