Space, Avionics & Defense

Texas Instruments HiRel Defense and Aerospace can help if you are working on a program for military, industrial and/or space applications and need end-equipment solutions with extended temperature performance and high reliability.


Defense - Overview

The Texas Instruments High Reliability Defense & Aerospace (TI HiRel) Group (CAGE code number 01295) was created in 1978 to serve the special requirements of the defense customer. Today, TI HiRel is one of the world’s largest ISO 9001 certified broad-line suppliers, operating as a dedicated business unit under TI’s corporate umbrella.

This position enables us to leverage the latest technology, manufacturing capability and product mix for advanced and critical aerospace and defense applications. TI HiRel offers a broad selection of semiconductor technology, foundry services, components, advanced packaging and support for specific requirements where reliability, qualification, vendor item drawings (VIDs), standard microcircuit drawings (SMDs) and baseline control are critical.

TI’s HiRel portfolio provides full military-class ceramic (QML) packages with extended operating-temperature ranges.

World's First Programmable Differential Amplifier