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Test & Measurement

TI’s test and measurement system solutions include industrial software & hardware for lab instruments, recording and measuring equipment and test equipment with MCUs, processors, amplifiers, data converters, interface, power, RF & clocks.


Test and Measurement - Overview

Test and Measurement equipment is used throughout the entire life cycle to design, verify, test and service products. These products can be electronic (such as a solar inverter, cell phone, radar system, etc.) or mechanical (such as a wind turbine, car suspension, machine health monitoring, jet propulsion system, etc.).

Just as products typically grow in capabilities and lower in cost over time, Test & Measurement equipment must follow suit. These trends demand greater accuracy, higher speed and lower cost test equipment. In addition, pressure to shorten development time and reduce costs leads equipment designers to move away from proprietary or custom technology to commercially available components.

These requirements push the performance envelope of processors, Analog to Digital converters (ADCs), Digital to Analog converters (DACs) and amplifiers. Availability of higher performance, lower power and lower cost DSPs and SoCs capable of handling math-intensive signal processing as well as system control and management functionality is enabling completely software-based system design. These trends reduce time-to-market, enable quick feature development, enable development of a reusable platform for multiple products and reduce overall system power and cost.

Texas Instruments offers a broad portfolio of processors, high performance analog and power management solutions to address these demanding requirements.