ARM® Processors

Industrial Automation

Targeted for many industrial protocols such as EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, CAN, PCIe or SATA, there is a Sitara solution designed to meet your needs. This comprehensive platform of processors combines peripheral support with a robust ARM core and critical capabilities such as 2D/3D graphic support to meet a variety of needs within the industrial automation market.

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Substation Automation Solutions

Substation automation devices add intelligence to the power grid by adding communications as well as controls and analytics functions. Communications in substations are handled by devices such as industrial routers, protocol converters, and gateways, which controls and analytics are functions of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs). As renewable energy sources become more prevalent and power grids become older, larger, and have more demands placed upon them, intelligence is needed to coordinate, control, communicate, and protect various aspects of the infrastructure.

TI's ARM and DSP processors can cover all functions of substation automation equipment:

  • Scalable solutions integrate ARM cores, DSP cores, PRU-ICSS, and graphics or display
  • Control and communication- ARM Cortex-A cores
  • Measurement and analytics- TI C6x DSP cores or ARM's vector floating point unit (VFP)
  • Support for legacy or modern real-time protocols like IEC61850- TI's unique PRU (programmable real-time unit) subsystem.

Intelligent Electronic Devices have many functions: Measurement, Analytics, Control, Communication, Reliability

TI ARM-based solutions for IEDs

Device Family Performance Range Cores Notable Interfaces Evaluation Tool
Sitara AM437x 2000 - 2500 DMIPS ARM Cortex-A9, PRU Camera I/F, USB 2.0, Gb Ethernet, CAN, QSPI, MMC/SD, Display + Touch Screen, DDR3, NAND/NOR AM437x Industrial Development Kit
Sitara AM335x 600 - 2000 DMIPS ARM Cortex-A8, PRU USB 2.0, Gb Ethernet, CAN, MMC/SD, LCD + Touch Screen, DDR3, NAND/NOR AM3359 Industrial Communications Engine
OMAP-L138 412 - 501 MIPS (ARM)
Up to 3648 MIPS or 2746 MFLOPS (DSP)
ARM9, C674x DSP, PRU USB 1.1, 10/100 Ethernet, SATA, MMC/SD, LCD, DDR2, NAND/NOR OMAP-L138 Development Kit

TI's PRU-ICSS (programmable real-time unit industrial communications subsystem) is a C programmable accelerator optimized for determinism and real-time processing. The PRU-ICSS has direct access to I/O and is capable of industrial Ethernet protocols such as EtherCAT, reliability protocols such as HSR-PRP, redundancy protocols such as IEC61850 and more.

Additional features of these solutions:

  • Industry-leading low power consumption
  • Industry-leading integration enabling smaller systems
  • Linux, SYS/BIOS, StarterWare (no-OS) and commercial RTOSes available
  • Industrial temperature ranges
  • Secure boot
  • SOMs available
  • Display or graphics support
  • High reliability with ability to meet up to 100K POH

Getting Started With Substation Automation Today

Reference designs for Substation Automation
Reference Design/Communications Protocol Applicable Devices Applicable EVMs
IEC61850 Substation Bay Controller design AM335x BeagleBone
AM335x StarterKit
Power line communication (PLC) reference design AM335x, MCU: TMS320F28PLC83 BeagleBone Black
PLC Modem Kit
EtherCAT AM335x TMDSICE3359

Single Chip Drive Solutions

A highly integrated motor drive solution enables all three core functions of a motor drive onto a single chip enabling the system to connect, control & communicate. This hybrid architecture provides the design simplicity of a compact solution while maintaining deterministic interfaces enabling real-time response to events. TI processors with the programmable real-time unit, provide high performance of a differentiated system and the flexibility to support multiple protocols in one package.

TI’s ARM processors integrates core functionalities of the industrial motor drive solution:

  • A single chip solution to bridge from motor control to higher level communications
  • Combining feedback and industrial communication protocol on a single chip allows for more integration and a smaller footprint
  • Support for certified multi-protocol industrial Ethernet through the programmable real-time unit,
  • Multi-protocol feedback interface for motor control though the programmable real-time unit,
  • Field-oriented Control (FOC) for variable-frequency drives

Single Chip Drive to connect, control & communicate

Get started

TI Design: Single Chip Drive for Industrial Communications & Motor Control

White paper: Highly Integrated Single Chip Industrial Drive to Connect, Control & Communicate (link coming soon)

Suggested evaluation platform: AM437x Industrial Development Kit (IDK)

TI ARM-based solutions for Digital Drives

Device family Performance range Cores Evaluation tool
Sitara AM437x 2000 – 2500 DMIPS ARM Cortex-A9, PRU AM437x Industrial Development Kit

Multi-protocol Digital Encoder Interface

Protocol EnDAT 2.2 Hiperface DSL BiSS C
Sponsor Heidenhain Sick Stegman iC Haus
Phy Interface RS-485 RS-485 RS-422/485
Speed 100kbit - 8/16 Mbit 9.375 Mbit 1/2/5/10 Mbit
Reach 100 meter, 300m at lower speed. 100 meter 100 meter
Cable 4 wire 2 wire, motor integrated 4 wire
Max frame length ~ 31+116 bit Continuous frame 117 bit 64 bit / frame
Delay compensation Yes Yes Yes
Oversampling Yes Yes Yes
Overhead channels Two additional 8 V frames 1 bit per frame
Synchronization Start pulse – bit time Async Pulse Start pulse – bit time

Features & tools

Connectivity Software and tools
Industrial Ethernet/Fieldbus protocol
  • EtherCAT
  • CANOpen
  • Ethernet/IP
Feedback interface
  • EnDat 2.2
  • BiSS
  • HiperFace DSL
Motor Control connectivity and more PWM
  • Motor axis position feedback
  • Up to 3-phase motor drive connector
  • Sigma Delta Decimation Filter
  • Digital inputs and outputs (I/O)
  • SPI
  • UART
  • JTAG
  • Starterware base port
  • Code Composer Studio integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Application stacks for industrial communication protocols
  • Sample industrial applications

White papers

Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
Ensuring real-time predictability   PDF 269 09 Jul 2014 3,080
Scalable Solutions for HMI   PDF 235 21 Nov 2013 819
An inside look at industrial Ethernet communication protocols   PDF 274 21 Nov 2013 2,269

Efficiency for Smart Grid

The smart grid market includes metering and sub-metering devices, as well as gateways, data concentrators and data collectors that collect information from the metering units. The largest opportunity for the Sitara processors is connecting the metering units with home area networks. TI’s Sitara family of solutions pushes intelligence to the edge of the grid by integrating, organizing and aggregating information from e-meters to ease peak power demand, reduce energy costs and increase comfort through home automation.

Smart Grid-image

Security for Retail Applications

Sitara processors integrate all the popular POS features: Smart Card reading, Magnetic Card reading, printing, NFC, WiFi, GPS, GPRS and barcode scanning with high performance, seamless graphics and right peripheral set for including bar code scanners, portable data terminals and point-of-sale solutions, TI’s Sitara processors are at the heart of the market’s new retail applications. TI has invested the time and resources to ensure the security of both financial information and personal data transactions in retail, logistics, and hospitality industries.


Optimization for Consumer Products

Whether a wireless storage unit, high-end smart appliance or a portable navigation system, the optimized performance, power and cost make the Sitara processors and ideal fit for the consumer market. The rich 3D graphics capabilities, combined with robust peripheral support including touch screen and wireless connectivity are the foundation for success in many consumer markets. When support for high-level operating system is added, the capabilities of the Sitara platform in the consumer market only continue to expand.

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Reliability in Medical Applications

TI technologies are helping make innovative medical electronics more flexible, affordable and accessible. With the use of the Sitara processors, customers can easily and affordably add 3D user interfaces and touch screens to medical devices, simplifying the user experience. In addition, the support of high-level operating systems makes adding multi-modal monitoring easy and provides extensive user interface and system control.


Integration for Single Board Computing Applications

A complete computer built on a single circuit board, TI’s Sitara processors are driving these solutions which reduce development time for customers looking to innovate on a platform with a wide variety of highly integrated peripheral options.

Single Board Computing-image