ARMĀ® Processors

Stellaris® ARM Cortex™-M3 Microcontrollers

The Stellaris LM3S family of ARM® Cortex™-M3 microcontrollers from Texas Instruments were the first Cortex-M3 silicon implementation available anywhere. The LM3S devices allow embedded microcontroller system designers, for the first time, to fully realize 32-bit performance for the same price as their 8- and 16-bit microcontroller designs. Additionally, applications with the LM3S family enable full access to the industry’s strongest support ecosystem of tools, silicon, and software, and offer instruction-set compatible performance from $1 to 1 GHz.

TI’s Stellaris LM3S series of microcontrollers (MCUs) are based on the ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller version.  Cortex-M3 has been optimized for single-cycle flash usage, which provides outstanding performance.  Cortex-M3 is also the only ARM processor core with deterministic interrupt processing, a required feature in deeply-embedded microcontroller applications, and offers other features especially for the microcontroller market:  most importantly, the LM3S devices require no assembly code – everything can be done in C!  Stellaris LM3S MCUs typically demonstrate performance that is at least 2 to 4 times faster on typical control applications using half the flash memory for the same code.

Key Features

  • Optimized for single-cycle flash usage
  • Deterministic, fast interrupt processing: as low as six cycles, no more than 12
  • Single-cycle multiply instruction and hardware divide
  • Native Thumb2 mixed 16-/32-bit instruction set—no mode switching
  • Three sleep modes with clock gating for low power
  • Superior debug features including data breakpoints and flash patching
  • Atomic operations—read/modify/write in single instruction
  • 1.25 DMIPS/MHz—better than ARM7 and ARM9

Key Benefits

  • Dozens of family members
  • 20-, 25-, 50-, 80-, and 100-MHz performance
  • 8K to 256K flash memory
  • 2K to 96K SRAM
  • Multiple pin/package options:
    • 48-QFN
    • 48-LQFP
    • 64-LQFP
    • 100-LQFP
    • 108-BGA
  • Industrial and extended temperature range capability