ARMĀ® Processors

Overview for ARM Cortex-M4 Core

Developed to address the demands of digital signal control applications, the ARM Cortex-M4 processor provides high-efficiency signal processing functionality with the low-power, low cost and ease-of-use benefits of the Cortex-M family. The latest embedded processor is designed to satisfy the emerging category of flexible solutions specifically targeting the motor control, automotive, power management, embedded audio and industrial automation markets.

TI's ARM Portfolio Overview

Code Composer Studio® Integrated Environment

TI's Cortex-M4 Advantage

The TM4C12x MCUs feature a balance between high-performance precision and low power consumption at an affordable price for the end application or reference design. These devices also feature floating-point performance, industry-leading analog integration, and best-in-class power performance. The award-winning TM4C12x MCUs combine sophisticated, flexible mixed-signal system-on-chip integration with unparalleled real-time multi-tasking capabilities.

Additional Cortex-M4 Features Include:
  • Up to 220 MHz, ARM Cortex-R4F CPU
  • Lock-Step CPUs with fail safe detection logic
  • Up to 3 MB of Embedded Flash Memory with ECC
  • Dual 12-bit ADC, 8 redundant channels or 16 shared channels
  • Timer Co-Processer for PWM and input capture
  • Package options: 144 QFP and 337 BGA

Cortex-M4 Software Support

The ARM Cortex-R4 Safety MCU Software Suite is designed to simplify and speed development of ARM Cortex-R4-based microcontroller applications. All software is royalty-free and is licensed to support easy adoption into customer projects.

Cortex-M4 Targeted Applications

Cortex-R4 Industrial Application


Cortex-R4 Medical Application


Cortex-R4 Alternative Energy Application


Cortex-R4 Automotive Application


Cortex-M4 HMI Application