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ARM® Processors

Embedded ARM processors, classic ARM processors or Applications ARM processors, take your pick. Whichever ARM core you choose know that TI has a value added device that will provide the right combination of performance, price, peripherals and power consumption to meet the needs of your application.

Looking to start your next design with ARM? TI has invested in the ARM portfolio for nearly 20 years and is focused on providing you with system-level solutions, comprehensive software ecosystem and a broad silicon portfolio to allow you to create new designs and bring them to market fast.


TI's ARM Portfolio Overview

Code Composer Studio® Integrated Environment


TI is committed to making it easier than ever to innovate, taking the ARM core and adding the required peripherals and support necessary for a whole product.  Working with TI, you have access to market leading ARM technology that is coupled with analog solutions, power management ICs, memory, connectivity peripherals and so much more.

This compelling portfolio of solutions is powering exciting products across renewable energy, industrial automation and control, transportation, consumer electronics, medical devices and more.

Application - Cortex Processors
  • Cortex-A8 - Highly optimized for performance and power efficiency
  • Cortex-A9 - Ideal solution for designs requiring high performance in low power or heat constrained cost-sensitive devices
  • Cortex-A15 – Provides highest level of ARM performance
      Embedded - Cortex Processors
  • Cortex-R Series - Exceptional performance for safety-critical applications
  • Cortex-M Series - Cost-sensitive solutions for real-time and embedded control applications
      Classic - ARM Processors
  • ARM9 - Offers savings in chip size, complexity and power consumption

Why Choose ARM-based products from TI?

  • 500+ feature-rich ARM devices from Cortex-M3 to Cortex-R4 to Cortex-A15: TI delivers multiple ARM microprocessor and microcontroller offerings that start at prices as low as $1 and deliver performance levels up to 5GHz.
  • A comprehensive software ecosystem: Whether you are designing on a real-time operating system, high-level operating system or no operating system, get access to TI’s complete offering of run-time software, development tools and third parties.
  • Complete system-level solutions for exciting applications: Utilize TI’s applications code, demos, optimized peripherals for connectivity, cryptography, industrial and more. TI also offers a range of applications kits and reference designs to jumpstart development with solutions that are already 50–80 percent complete
TI invests beyond the core, working at every hardware and software layer to deliver optimal performance, low-power, safety and support for key applications’ requirements making it easier for you to get to market fast with market leading devices.