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ARM® Processors

  • Achieve power efficiency in your embedded design
  • Adafruit Contest
  • AM335x - Go beyond your imagination....
  • Sitara Processors Deliver Industrial Automation
  • Linux porting training

Sitara ARM Processors – TI’s Sitara ARM processors offer optimized solutions that go beyond the core, delivering a broad portfolio of ARM Cortex-A8 and ARM9 devices.  Sitara processors help innovators create a variety feature-rich, low-power applications. In addition to an extensive selection of silicon, developers have access to 24/7 support from an interactive open-source community, multi-featured development tools and robust software for both high-level and real-time operating systems. Bringing together flexible hardware solutions with robust software tools enables customers using Sitara processors create inspiring ARM designs that start to bridge the gap between high-end MCUs and mid-range ARM processor-based devices.

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Featured Tools & Software for Sitara ARM Processors


BeagleBone Black:
Low-cost development board enables quick evaluation of the AM335x processor, now performing at 1GHz.

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StarterWare: OS-free development tool for quick and simple programming of and migration among TI embedded processors

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Sitara Linux SDK: Provides developers an easy set up and quick out-of-box experience that highlights the features of the processor

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