ARMĀ® Processors

Sitara processors go beyond the core, integrating an array of peripherals giving customers access to a robust portfolio of ARM application processors from Texas Instruments. Sitara provides different product generations to choose from and is optimized with the perfect balance of integration, connectivity and performance.


AM437x Cortex-A9

AM335x Cortex-A8

AM35x Cortex-A8

AM37x Cortex-A8

  AM437x Cortex-A9 Processor AM335x Cortex-A8 Processor AM35x AM37x Chip Shot
Speed (MHz) 800/1000 300/600/800/1000 600 800/1000
DMIPs Up to 2500 Up to 2000 Up to 1200 Up to 2000
Graphics SGX530 SGX530 SGX530 SGX530
Operating system Linux™/Android™/Windows® CE/ RTOS Linux™/Android™/Windows® CE/StarterWare/RTOS Linux™/Android™/Windows® CE/StarterWare/RTOS Linux™/Android™/Windows® CE/StarterWare/RTOS
Key Features Quad-Core PRU-ICSS, Display Subsystem, Dual camera, Dual ADC, QSPI, Gb EMAC switch LCD Controller, CAN, Gb EMAC switch, 2x USB w/PHY, Industrial Protocols, Touch Screen Control Display Subsystem, Video In/out, 10/100 EMAC, CAN, USB w/PHY Lowest power, Display Subsystem, Video In/out, PoP packaging, USB
Peripherals Industrial slave protocols on quad-core PRU-ICSS, 2x USB w/PHY, 2x CAN, 2x McASP, 6x UART, 5x SPI, 3x I2C, HDQ, 6x PWM 3D graphics, PRU, Crypto, ADC, master & slave support (PROFIBUS and others), EtherCAT® slave, Gigabit EMAC I2C, SPI, UART, MMC/SDIO I2C, SPI, UART, MMC/SDI
Apps Industrial automation and drive, PDT, scanners PND, Connected Home, Industrial Automation Industrial Automation, PLC PND, Ed. Tablet, PDT
Pricing Starting at $11.25 (1K) Starting at $6.00 (1K) Starting at $15.85 (1K) Starting at $13.75 (1K)
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Sitara Processor Selection Tool

The selection tool below features parameters for the Sitara Processors featuring ARM Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9. If you don't find a parameter displayed by default, select the gray "Add/Hide Parameters" button below to see a more comprehensive list.