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ARM® Processors

AM1x ARM9™ Processors

Sitara AM1x ARM9 Processor Chip


AM1x (Up to 456MHz) optimized for:

  • Integrate interfaces such as a serial ATA, universal parallel port and TI’s unique programmable Real-time Unit.
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with OMAP-L1x processors; scale up to the OMAP-L1x to integrate real-time data, video and audio processing capability
  • Develop and deploy designs quickly with the new AM1808 eXperimenter kit and the AM1808 evaluation module.
  • All development tools include a Linux kernel 2.6.33 board support package, PRU configuration tool as well as PRU CAN, PRU UART and touch screen demos.
  • Windows® Embedded CE and Linux operating system support.