Clock Generators - flexible and easy to use

Industry’s lowest jitter improving system performance, flexible outputs with on-chip EEPROM

Improve performance
  • Ultra low jitter: 100fs typ 12K-20M
  • Improve link timing margin and signal integrity
Lower system cost
  • Consolidate your clock tree design
  • Replace several low noise oscillators, crystals
Simplify design
  • Easy to use: EEPROM/Pin mode/SPI/I2C control
  • Flexible frequency planning
  • Comprehensive design tools

Device # Outputs Jitter (fs RMS)* Device control Features
LMK03328 8 100 Pin selectable/EEPROM/I2C Single/Dual PLL options
User selectable output formats
Frequency margining
LMK03806 14 150 µWire (SPI) Flexible frequency planning
User selectable output formats
CDCM6208 8 265 Pin selectable/I2C/SPI Fractional dividers
User selectable output formats
CDCI6214 4 0.5 EEPROM/Pin configuration/Serial Interface Flexible Output Frequencies
Four Individually Configurable Outputs
CDCE913/925/937/949 3/5/7/9 >1ps I2C/EEPROM Family of 1/2/3/4 PLLs
LVCMOS outputs
Spread spectrum

*Integrated 12 kHz to 20 MHz

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Texas Instruments offers a complete portfolio of clock generators and online tools to make design-in easy. TI clock generators have industry’s lowest jitter for improving system performance, offer flexible outputs and on-chip EEPROM for easy configuration. TI clock generators are widely used in switches, routers, wireless base stations, broadcast video infrastructure, test and measurement, medical imaging, and several other industrial and consumer applications.