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TI pioneered RF-sampling ADCs, allowing direct conversion of RF signals.

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High-speed ADC innovation

Featured TI Designs reference designs

1-GHz Signal Bandwidth RF Sampling Receiver Reference Design board image

1-GHz signal bandwidth RF-sampling receiver

3-GSPS, RF-sampling ADC solution for capturing signal bandwidths of 1 GHz and larger with low noise and high dynamic range, and with a low-phase-noise clock.

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160-MHz Bandwidth Wireless Signal Tester Reference Design

160-MHz bandwidth wireless signal tester

IF subsystem for a standard wireless signal tester with an active balun-amplifier, LC bandpass filter, 16-bit ADC, and clock cleaner and generator PLL.

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16-Bit 1-GSPS Digitizer Reference Design with AC and DC Coupled Fixed Gain Amplifier

16-bit, 1-GSPS digitizer

High-speed digitizer with AC- and DC-coupled input and a 1-GSPS ADC.

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Technical resources

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Online training series covering topics such as RF-sampling, JESD204B and more.

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Data converter learning center

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TI's high-speed and RF-sampling analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) offer speeds from 10 MSPS to 5 GSPS and high-resolution from 7 bit to 16 bit. Our high-speed ADCs offer designers a choice of buffered and non-buffered analog input; single channel or multi-channel; CMOS, LVDS, or JESD204B serial interfaces; and a comprehensive suite of development tools, including product evaluation module and data capture cards. Combining high-performance with easy product selection and a best-in-the-industry sample and tools offering, TI is the right choice for your industrial and automotive high-speed data acquisition needs. Suitable applications include wireless and cable infrastructure, test and measurement, medical, space, avionics, defense, LIDAR, factory automation, grid infrastructure and motor drives.