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Wireless Universal Gas Sensing Platform

Sensor AFE Revolutionizes Sensor System Design

TI's configurable Sensor AFE ICs and WEBENCH® Sensor AFE Designer are part of an integrated hardware and software development platform to simplify sensor system design by enabling the engineer to select a sensor, design and configure the solution, and download configuration in minutes. The development system allows engineers to evaluate the complete signal path solution (including sensors) either online or on the bench.

TI Sensor AFE Revolutionizes Sensor System Design

Application Notes & Design Resources

Dual RTD Application Comparison: Sensor AFE Versus Discrete Design

Parameter LMP90100 Integrated Sensor AFE Discrete Solution
ADC LMP90100 ADC102S021
Pressure Sensor Op Amps LMP7716 +
RTD Op Amps LMP7716 +
RTD Current Sources LMP7702
Total Cost (1kpcs) $4.95 $6.50
Resolution 24-bit, 7-Channel 10-bit, 2-Channel
Software Reconfigurable  
True Continuous Background Calibration  
Simplified Stocking  
Quick Design & Evaluation  

Typical Sensor AFE Applications

  • Load cells
  • Differential pressure transducers
  • Force sensors
  • Hall effect sensors
  • Level sensors
  • Load cells
  • MEMS sensors
  • Oil pressure sensors
  • Pressure gauges, pressure switches, pressure
  • Strain gauge
  • Weighing sensors
  • Wheatstone bridge sensors
  • Chemical sensors
  • Gas detector systems
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) detectors
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors
  • Gas analyzers, gas detectors, gas monitors,
    gas sensors
  • H2S gas detectors
  • Digital thermometers
  • Type k thermocouples
  • Resistance Temperature Resistance (RTDs)
  • Temperature probes

WEBENCH® Designer


Sensor AFE System - Single-Chip Solutions Simplify Design and Accelerate Time-to-MarketSensor AFE System - Single-Chip Solutions Simplify Design and Accelerate Time-to-Market