TI DLP® technology advantages

From the largest to the smallest displays on the planet, TI DLP® technology is the leading projection technology

TI DLP® technology can enable the world's smallest projectors under 8 ounces and light up the largest movie screens up to 100 feet. Engineers have begun medical research to inset DLP technology into the human eye as a retina replacement; there is no stopping where DLP technology will go next!

Why choose DLP technology?

  • DLP technology is #1 for large and small displays
  • All digital display from DLP chip
  • Light source agnostic
  • Award-winning, long-lasting color accuracy
  • No limitations on resolution
  • Unparalleled switching speed allows built-in intelligence
  • Low power consumption
  • All DLP chips share the same architecture as Scientific and Technical Award®-winning* TI DLP Cinema® technology
  • The flexible DLP chip is used in both traditional and non-traditional displays
Learn about the advantages of TI DLP technology
DLP technology is flexible and can be used in both traditional and non-traditional displays

All digital display from DLP chip

DLP technology is a revolutionary display solution that uses an optical semiconductor to manipulate light digitally. When a DLP chip is coordinated with a digital video, graphic signal, a light source, and a projection lens, its mirrors can reflect an all-digital image onto any surface.

Light source agnostic

Reinforcing the flexibility of the DLP chip, manufacturers can select any light source to pair with DLP technology. The DLP chip is light source agnostic to lamp, laser and LED light.

Award-winning, long-lasting color accuracy

DLP Products are the industry standard for all post production cinematic color calibration work due to the color spectrum produced by DLP technology. In February 2015, the DLP Cinema Products team received the 2014 Scientific and Engineering Award (Academy® Plaque) for color accuracy of DLP Cinema projectors.

Most DLP projectors feature BrilliantColor™ technology which is raising the bar in color performance and picture quality. BrilliantColor offers up to 6-color processing to boost secondary colors and deliver reliable and precise color for extended hours.** BrilliantColor technology provides DLP projector manufacturers a wide color gamut, making it possible to produce over one billion colors.

No limits on resolution

There are no technical limitations to the achievable resolution from a DLP chip. The technology can scale to 4K resolution when needed in the biggest, brightest display down to HD resolution in miniature display put inside mobile devices. DLP technology will scale to any data resolution as content demands it.

Unparalleled switching speed allows built-in intelligence

The DLP chip has an unparalleled 16 microsecond response time, giving users precise, razor-sharp images. Imagine millions of tiny mirrors switching on and off more times than the speed of light. With such a high switching speed, DLP technology is able to deliver a precise, razor-sharp picture with no lag time between frames. Movies, games, and fast-paced educational content are experienced in crisp, vivid detail regardless of the speed of action.

Low power consumption

Texas Instruments is a leader in research and development. DLP Products continues to innovate on increasing display brightness decreasing while dramatically decreasing packaging size and required power. DLP® Pico™ has hit milestones on lumens per watt which is directly proportional to allowing consumers to now have embedded projection from a cell phone.

The flexible DLP chip is used in both traditional and non-traditional displays

DLP technology is best known for Scientific and Technical Award-winning TI DLP Cinema® and innovations in classroom projection display such as SmartSource™ 3D and interactive projection, but the incredibly flexible technology is finding its way into a variety of non-traditional display applications as well. Developers are using the DLP chip to solve real world problems for industrial, security, medical and even automotive applications that require built in intelligence.

* 2014 Academy Award® of Merit (Oscar® statuette) to Larry Hornbeck for the invention of the digital micromirror technology as used in DLP Cinema projection.

** 1-chip DLP projectors uses a color wheel that can support the following color segments: Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

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Fun facts about TI DLP technology

Fun facts about TI DLP technology

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