Battery-powered projectors

TI DLP® technology has changed mobile display

With a battery-powered projector incorporating TI DLP® technology, the possible uses are endless. DLP chipsets are at the cutting edge of imaging and display innovations. It has taken projectors to a whole new level of usefulness.

Why choose a battery-powered projector that uses DLP technology?

  • Lifelike images and vibrant colors
  • Contrast ratios up to 2000:1
  • Based on award-winning DLP Cinema® technology
  • Small and lightweight – great for traveling
  • Battery-powered capability – allows for projection without a power outlet
  • WiFi capability – project streamed content from the Internet without cables
  • HDMI input – easily connects to many types of compatible devices such as mobile phones, laptops, Blu-Ray players and more
  • Long projection life with LED light source – 20,000+ hours
Ultra portable DLP battery powered projectors
Easily connect to almost any media device

Pocket projection that goes where you do

Battery-powered projectors that use DLP technology can easily slip into your pocket. So when you want to share pictures, videos, watch a movie, play video games or surf the net, simply connect a media device and project.

It's the easy way to give an impromptu slide show. Use the available built-in memory card slot WiFi connectivity or plug the projector into any compatible video playback device. These tiny pocket projectors produce a big picture that will amaze your friends and colleagues.

Engineers & developers

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