Home and personal entertainment projectors

TI DLP® technology has changed home and personal entertainment

TI DLP® technology is used to power a new generation of ultra-portable home and personal entertainment projectors. Imagine a mini projector that fits in the palm of your hand and easily connects to home entertainment and multimedia devices. These powerful LED illuminated projectors also have built in speakers for added convenience.

Why choose a projector that uses DLP technology?

  • Lightweight - easy to move around the home
  • Slim and small - great for traveling
  • 1280x800 WXGA native resolution (720p HD compatible)
  • HDMI for easy connection to laptops, Blu-ray players, smartphones and streaming video devices.
  • Long projection life with LED light source – 20,000+ hours
  • Lifelike images and vibrant colors
  • Create screens up to 120" in dark rooms, 50" in lit rooms
  • Contrast ratios up to 2000:1
  • Built in speakers
  • Based on award-winning DLP Cinema technology
  • Based on Scientific and Technical Award®-winning* TI DLP Cinema technology
Ultra portable DLP home entertainment projectors
Easily connect to almost any home entertainment device

Based on Scientific and Technical Award®-winning* TI DLP Cinema® technology

Home and personal entertainment projectors that use DLP technology are based on the same award-winning DLP Cinema technology that is used in more than eight of 10 digital movie theatre screens worldwide, so you can be assured of vivid picture quality and long lasting reliability.

Home entertainment from almost anywhere

Imagine a big screen experience from a tiny portable projector that can project on virtually any surface. Home and personal entrainment projectors powered by DLP technology deliver that and more. These powerful compact projectors are lightweight and compact so you can easily move them around from room to room or take them traveling. They easily connect to most home and personal entertainment devices so you can watch movies, share pictures, stream video from the Internet, hook up to gaming consoles and much more.

* 2014 Academy Award® of Merit (Oscar® statuette) to Larry Hornbeck for the invention of the digital micromirror technology as used in DLP Cinema projection.

Engineers & developers

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