Smartphone projectors

Imagine if your smartphone had a built in TI DLP projector?

Smartphone projectors give you the ability to make a display on virtually any surface. How many times have you wanted to share or stream pictures, videos, web pages or business presentations from your smartphone? With DLP technology, sharing your content, anytime, anywhere, is now a reality.

Why choose a smartphone that uses DLP technology?

  • Ulltra-small sized DLP Pico projection is ideal for slim smartphone design
  • High illumination efficiency for vivid presentations up to 50” or more
  • Long projection life with LED light source – 20,000+ hours
  • Low power consumption for longer battery life
  • Micro SD card input for external media
Ultra portable DLP smartphone projectors
It's both a smartphone and projector

Portable projection from the palm of your hand

DLP technology is available in a few smartphone models and more are on the horizon. There are even accessories available which allow you to project from different types of smartphones. Once you experience the convenience of making projections using a smartphone with DLP technology, you won't want to live without it!

Make virtually any surface a display

Image all things you could do if your smartphone had a built in DLP projector:

  • Share photos and videos
  • Display streamed content for an “instant cinema” experience
  • Present business and educational presentations
  • Enjoy mobile gaming with an immersive large image
  • Display lecture notes to an audience
  • Project printed material to a group using Overhead Projection (OHP) capable devices
  • Project relaxing scenery on the ceiling or wall
  • And much more

Engineers & developers

Learn more about developing with DLP technology