Consistent color advantage

DLP projector long lasting precise color advantage

Most TI DLP® projectors feature BrilliantColor™ technology which is raising the bar in color performance and picture quality. BrilliantColor offers up to 6-color processing to boost secondary colors and deliver reliable and precise color for extended hours.1

BrilliantColor technology provides DLP projectors with a wide color gamut, making it possible to produce over one billion colors. DLP technology not only supports the continuous processing of RGB (red, green, blue) colors, but also supports the continuous processing of yellow, cyan, and magenta. This color processing provides for the realistic reproduction of skin tones as well as millions of colors difficult to match precisely.

Long-lasting consistent color

  • DLP BrilliantColor™ technology
  • Over 1 billion colors with 6-color processing
  • Long-lasting, reliable and precise color
  • Colors match typical home and office viewing conditions
DLP projector consistent color advantage
Long-lasting reliable, and precise color with DLP technology

sRGB standard

Now, you can experience color modes optimized to meet the sRGB standard that is designed to match typical home and office viewing conditions. Data intensive presentations will be extremely bright and movies at home will be enhanced with precise colors for extended hours of usage. In a study conducted by Intertek in 2010, DLP projectors delivered reliable and precise color for the lifespan of a typical projector.2

Award-winning Hollywood color accuracy

At a high level, BrilliantColor brings lessons learned from the cinema industry where DLP teams worked closely with Hollywood filmmakers and received the 2009 Academy Plaque for color accuracy. If it is good enough for Hollywood, it must be good enough for the classroom or conference room.3

For long-lasting and precise color make sure your projectors are powered with DLP BrilliantColor technology. Another reason DLP technology is the world's leading projection technology.

*Features may vary depending on projector model

1 1-chip DLP projectors uses a color wheel that can support the following color segments: red, blue, green, cyan, magenta and yellow.

2 Long Term Data Projector Display Technology Performance Study. Intertek. May 2010.

3 Recipients of the 2009 Academy Plaque are D. Scott Dewald, Greg Pettitt, Brad Walker and Bill Werner.

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

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