Conference room projectors

Take your organization's presentations to the next level with TI DLP® technology

DLP technology in the conference room
Easy to use, reliable conference room projectors

Business presentations are only as good as the content. But even with the help of 21st century visual tools, you face a growing challenge in persuading and influencing today's techno-savvy audience. Content is always king, but the presentation of that content is rapidly growing in importance.

In today's media-on-demand world, there is a need for easy-to-use, versatile, reliable tools that open a world of possibilities. That's precisely what DLP® projector technology from Texas Instruments offers.

DLP projectors in large conference centers

As multimedia continues to immerse our everyday lives, employees in your business have become surrounded with video experiences at every turn. Your conference areas offer a key venue to bring presentations and business gatherings to life. To help usher in new multimedia experiences, projectors have become the new tool to make the most out of important company events.

Imagine the power of videos, multimedia slides and images that help to communicate a point or to enhance a portion of a presentation. DLP projectors can create visual energy to engage the audience and improve the communication of materials. DLP projectors bring sights and sounds into your large area and offer a visual source for practically anything you can connect.

Hook up a laptop to a projector to introduce slides and images. Presenters can provide a visual representation of the presented matter through the power of the internet. If you can imagine it, you can do it. DLP projectors are becoming the must-have tool to increase retention, maintain interest and elevate business productivity.

TI DLP 4K UHD technology

TI DLP 4K UHD technology

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

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Using DLP projectors in your business open up endless opportunities

  • Maximize one-to-one experiences
  • Integrate video and sound to maximize productivity
  • Bring the Internet to life and engage the audience
  • Incorporate video into presentations to increase retention and attention
DLP conference room projectors for large conference rooms
Make your large meetings and presentations more impactful

DLP projectors in the boardroom

As multimedia continues to immerse our everyday lives, people have become surrounded with video experiences at every turn. Your meeting facilities should not be an exception. To help usher in a new multimedia learning experience, multimedia projectors have become the must-have presentation tool to make the most out of every meeting.

Surf relevant websites looking to share key information that complements your presentation. Or, use video streaming to connect your office with a satellite office using cameras and the web. DLP projectors bring sights and sounds into the boardroom and offer a visual source for practically anything you can connect.

Presentations take on a whole new dimension when you can provide visual enhancement to the topic at hand. Videos and still imagery can complement the presentation and engage the audience. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

Using DLP projectors in all of your meeting areas open up endless opportunities

  • Allow employees to use the projector for every meeting
  • Connect satellite offices via web cams and save money on travel expenses
  • View network drives during meetings to access key materials on the fly
  • Incorporate other technologies such as white boards to enhance productivity
DLP conference room projectors in the boardroom
Conference room projectors are a must have tool

DLP projectors at tradeshows

Nearly every business engages customers and prospects at tradeshows each year. However, it can be difficult to break through the clutter and communicate your message in a compelling fashion.

Projectors can enhance your tradeshow booth and provide a key tool to communicate to a large group of people in a high-tech fashion. DLP projectors offer a vibrant, sharp image that can be seen from far away. You can use projection technology to display your business logo on large screens. Or display key message points or custom video segments that communicate your key business products and services. Projectors can also help draw attention to your booth and serve as valuable tools for booth presentations. Where there is motion, sound and energy, there are people interested in learning more. Projectors give you the power to drive attention to your space at a tradeshow and make the most out of your investment.

DLP projectors can add a new dimension to any tradeshow booth

  • Use them to display your company logo and product message points on large screens that can be seen from far away.
  • Enhance booth presentations with projectors that use video and sound to drive traffic to your booth.
  • Projectors can present key product attributes throughout your booth space and if you build presentation slides to communicate that information, the material can be edited and changed easily, even at the last moment.
  • Project product images and information in a big way with amazing results.
  • Businesses invest in millions of dollars each year for tradeshows and events. Use projectors powered by DLP technology to make the most of your marketing dollars and communicate your key messages to a large number of people.
DLP conference room projectors for tradeshows
Project product images and information with amazing results

DLP portable projectors

Salespeople travel constantly. Yet they need tools to help them sell that won't weigh them down. DLP projectors are the lightest, most portable projectors in the world. DLP projectors feature an efficient, single-chip design enabling projectors that weigh less than 2 pounds. They are the ultimate high-tech tool for today's tech-savvy sales force.

Easily pack them into your carry-on bag along with your laptop and you are ready to wow your next prospects. Some have suggested that the ultra-small pocket projector can actually help you increase your sales potential due simply by the fact that they are so small and impressive that they break the ice of a sales pitch just from the conversations they elicit.

Easily present information with video and sound using a portable projector

  • Take a portable DLP projector with you on your sales calls
  • Use a portable projector to communicate key points for presentations on the road
  • Make a statement that you are tech savvy by bringing your own, tiny and powerful DLP projector at your next sales call and set the stage for a successful meeting.
DLP portable projectors for the office
Portable projectors are perfect for sales professionals and employees who travel

Advantages of DLP technology for the conference room

In today's marketplace, your company needs more than the standard presentation to compete. DLP projectors for business and office can create visual energy and improve retention by delivering your message in the most effective way. Because the DLP chip is all-digital, the picture it creates maximizes the impact of the information you present with vivid, accurate colors and sharp details.

Outstanding readability

Outstanding readability

DLP projectors make presentation graphics more professional-looking and exceptionally easy to read, due to its high native contrast ratio.

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Consistent color accuracy with BrilliantColor™

Consistent color accuracy with DLP BrilliantColor™

The color quality looks like real life. BrilliantColor technology, which is available in many DLP projectors, offers up to 6-color processing to boost secondary colors and deliver reliable and precise color for extended hours.* This color processing provides for the realistic reproduction of skin tones as well as millions of colors difficult to match.

Now, you can experience color modes optimized to meet the sRGB standard that is designed to match typical home and office viewing conditions. Data intensive presentations will be extremely bright and movies at home will be enhanced with precise colors for extended hours of usage. BrilliantColor technology provides DLP projector manufacturers a wide color gamut, making it possible to produce over one billion colors.

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Lower total cost of ownership

Lower total cost of ownership

When you purchase a projector or any other piece of office equipment, it all comes down to the lifetime cost of ownership. In addition to looking at the initial price, you have to factor in maintenance costs – like filter cleanings and replacements – and how long the projector will last. DLP projectors featuring a filter free design can enable a low cost of ownership, saving your business money depending upon your particular circumstance.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about DLP conference room projectors

What is the lifetime cost of ownership for this projector?

Costs of a projector go well beyond the initial price. While some projectors with other technologies may have a slightly lower price, they may require more maintenance (filter cleanings and replacements) and may not provide reliable performance over the lifetime of the projector. The result could be a higher cost for your business.

What is the native contrast ratio?

Native contrast is arguably the single most important measurable quality for readability. Although high contrast numbers, such as 2,000:1 or 10,000:1 are normally listed in the projector specifications, be sure that you ask..."What is the NATIVE contrast?" Native contrast ratio is the constant, measured degree of black to white that is displayed continuously. DLP projectors are known for their high native contrast, arguably the single most important measurable quality whether you're presenting the latest financial report at the office, or ensuring students see every word and graph even in the back of the room.

Do projectors with DLP technology require a filter?

DLP technology is a reflective display technology that can support a filter free optical architecture that allows for all the optical components to be sealed in most DLP projectors. This way, dust cannot accumulate where the projected image is being created. Similar to a PC that uses fans inside the component, a filter free DLP projector does not require filters to clean or replace, saving maintenance costs.

How bright is the projector?

Brightness is measured in "ANSI Lumens". This term describes the brightness on the screen. Depending upon the ambient light in the room, the projector may need to offer higher brightness for optimal viewing. For most conference room settings, 1500-2000 lumens or higher is preferred.

What is the optimal physical size projector for me?

The optimal size for a projector depends on how it will be used. If the projector is meant to be mounted to the ceiling to be in a fixed location, then the size is not as important as the rest of the projector's features. If the projector will be moved from location to location, then a more portable projector should be considered. With total weight as low as two pounds and under, DLP projectors lead the pack for lightness.

DLP projector technology - make sure your projectors are powered with the world's leading projection technology.

*1-chip DLP projectors uses a color wheel that can support the following color segments: Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.