Dust proof performance

Durable, long lasting reliable and precise color

DLP Dust proof performance

TI DLP® products continues to lead the way in projection technology. The new DLP EXP chip combined with a sealed optics architecture delivers long lasting, reliable and precise color. The DLP EXP chip is available in the majority of DLP projectors in resolutions ranging from SVGA up to 1080.

Tough DLP EXP chip advantage

  • Designed for difficult environments
  • Long-lasting precise color
  • Now available for most DLP projector models
Durable long lasting color with DLP projectors
The DLP EXP chip is designed for the most demanding environments

Designed for difficult environments

The DLP EXP chip was specifically designed to perform in the most difficult environments on Earth such as high rainfall regions, arid deserts and areas with relatively low air quality. It is ideal for the demanding needs in Latin America, China, Russia, India and South East Asia.

Now shipping for most DLP projector models

The majority of DLP projectors are now shipping with the ultra durable DLP EXP chip. So you can be assured that when you choose a DLP projector you are getting a durable, reliable and long lasting projector with award winning color and picture quality.

The tough DLP EXP chip designed for difficult environments. Another reason DLP technology is the world's leading projection technology.

*Features may vary depending on projector model

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

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