Economical native full HD for business and education

DLP Economical native full HD

TI DLP® 1080p HD data projectors are capable of delivering data and video presentations for a display screen area 2.3 times larger than standard XGA. By combining DLP's extremely high fill factor of up to 96% with the economical 0.65" 1080p DLP chip, mainstream classroom and conference room data can be projected with an image greater than 100 inches in full native HD on any surface.

Full HD 1080p

  • Economical native full HD
  • 2.3 times larger than standard XGA
  • Extremely high fill factor
  • Replicates tablet visual experience in a projector
  • 0.65" 1080p DLP Chip
Full HD 1080p projectors
Project an image bigger than 100 inches in full HD

Projections with greater detail and sharpness

Teachers can help the entire classroom work through a complex math problem as a team with the same sharpness and brilliant imagery delivered on a single tablet. Business teams can share detailed financial trends and figures as well as work on complex spreadsheets and documents.

For viewing detailed data in economical full 1080p HD and watching amazing home theater presentations make sure your projectors are powered with DLP technology. Another reason DLP technology is the world's leading projection technology.

*Features may vary depending on projector model

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

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