Home theater projectors

Movies and TV will take on a whole new level of WOW!

Just as Scientific and Technical Award®-winning* TI DLP Cinema® products is the #1 choice for movie theatres worldwide, TI DLP® technology is famous for delivering an incredible picture on the big home screen. Home theater projectors powered by DLP technology offer incredible picture quality. Due to the unbelievably fast speed of the DLP chip, video is smooth and cinema-like. Fast action video is sharp and clear without motion blur. Most DLP home theater projectors offer DLP SmartSource™ 3D. Imagine actually feeling a bucket of water thrown at you or seeing hot air balloons floating in your living room!

DLP advantages for home theater

  • High contrast ratios – up to 100,000:1
  • DLP DarkChip™ technology
  • Full HD 1080p – over 2 million pixels
  • Ultra-fast 16 microsecond response time
  • DLP BrilliantColor™ – over 1 billion rich vibrant colors
  • Full HD 3D in any popular signal format with full HDMI 1.4 compatibility
DLP projectors for the home theater
Enjoy the big screen form the comfort of your home

Plus, many DLP projectors feature BrilliantColor™ technology which uses up to six separate colors to create a more realistic reproduction of skin tones. The result is stunning, vibrant colors that are natural and accurate. When it comes to home theater video performance, look no further than DLP technology.

Video games larger than life

If you are into video gaming, you have to experience the action through a DLP projector. Imagine playing video games that are larger than life on a huge screen. Racing takes on a whole new dimension. Sports games draw you in as if you are really there.

Use home theater projectors for video games
Enjoy video games on a large and ultra-fast moving screen

Watch high definition TV on the big screen

It's easy to connect satellite TV, cable or a Blu-ray player directly into a DLP home theater projector. Many DLP projectors are also full HDTV compatible. There's nothing quite like watching the big game on a really big screen in 1080p. With DLP projectors, you'll see every detail in stunning clarity!

Watch in HD with DLP home theater projectors
Stunning clarity in HD 1080p

Surf the net in style

Projectors powered by DLP technology can easily be connected to any computer. You can surf the net, play computer video games, or even do email, all on a huge screen in the comfort of your home theater. You'll never look at the Internet the same way!

DLP home theater and multimedia projectors
Easily connect your computer or laptop to a DLP home theater projector

Advantages of DLP technology for the home theater

Choosing a DLP projector takes you from passive spectator to active participant as your movies and games come alive. Fast-action video is sharp and clear, with virtually no motion blur or distortion, and video games become a total sensory experience. The all-digital DLP chip powers projectors to deliver a better viewing and gaming experience, without ever leaving your home.
Plus, look for DLP home theatre projectors with lamp free technology and you'll bring home more savings in the long run too!

Consistent color accuracy with BrilliantColor™

Consistent color accuracy with BrilliantColor™

DLP projectors bring Hollywood-like quality to your home theater. BrilliantColor, which is featured in many DLP projectors, offers multi-color processing that makes the images brighter for a more natural and vibrant picture.

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Fast video performance

Fast video performance

When the scene moves fast, you'll feel like you're in it, without all the blurring. Watch movies, connect a computer to surf the net, play your favorite games and even answer email – in a very big way.

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Full HD and HD 3D 1080p (1920 x 1080)

Full HD and HD 3D 1080p (1920 x 1080)

DLP Full HD projectors take home theater to the next level. Movies and games come to life with vivid and life-like imagery. Full HD 1080p technology delivers impeccable image quality associated with award-winning DLP Cinema technology performance. Digital HDMI or DVI signal creates a true digital projection system that produces a spectacular High Definition display. This unprecedented combination ensures natural, life-like images with crystal clarity. And, in Full HD 3D...it's like being there!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about DLP home theater projectors

Are home theater projectors expensive?

The price of a DLP home theater projector is driven by a couple of key factors:

  1. If you're looking for a full HD projector, you need to consider at 1080p resolution system. There are many DLP projectors which feature full 1080p resolution. A more affordable HD projector will feature 720p resolution which is still High Definition and will suit the needs of most home theaters. HD projectors range start at around $500.
  2. Projector features are also important. Make sure your projector has multiple inputs to allow for connection of a wide variety of devices such as computers, DVD players, cable boxes and gaming systems. Projectors with multiple HDMI inputs offer the most digital flexibility. Optics also play an important part in the price of the projector.
  3. Some DLP home theater projectors offer high-end optical components which feature expanded zoom capabilities and even active ratio adjustments for different content. The more sophisticated the optics, the more expensive the projector becomes.
  4. Most home theater projectors will feature brightness (measured in "lumens) around 1,000 lumens. This level of brightness is suitable for a dark home theater with complete lighting control. However, getting a home theater projector which features higher brightness (perhaps 2,000 lumens or more) allows more flexibility in the room for lighting without interfering with the picture quality. The rule here is: the higher the brightness, the higher the price.

What is the native contrast ratio?

Native contrast is arguably the single most important measurable quality for readability. Although high contrast numbers, such as 2,000:1 or 10,000:1 are normally listed in the projector specifications, be sure that you ask..."What is the NATIVE contrast?" Native contrast ratio is the constant, measured degree of black to white that is displayed continuously. DLP projectors are known for their high native contrast, arguably the single most important measurable quality whether you're presenting the latest financial report at the office, or ensuring students see every word and graph even in the back of the room.

Do projectors with DLP technology require a filter?

DLP technology is a reflective display technology that can support a filter free optical architecture that allows for all the optical components to be sealed in most DLP projectors. This way, dust cannot accumulate where the projected image is being created. Similar to a PC that uses fans inside the component, a filter free DLP projector does not require filters to clean or replace, saving maintenance costs.

What is the optimal physical size projector for me?

The optimal size for a projector depends on how it will be used. If the projector is meant to be mounted to the ceiling to be in a fixed location, then the size is not as important as the rest of the projector's features. If the projector will be moved from location to location, then a more portable projector should be considered. With total weight as low as two pounds and under, DLP projectors lead the pack for lightness.

DLP projector technology - make sure your projectors are powered with the world's leading projection technology.

* 2014 Academy Award® of Merit (Oscar® statuette) to Larry Hornbeck for the invention of the digital micromirror technology as used in DLP Cinema projection.

TI DLP 4K UHD technology

TI DLP 4K UHD technology

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

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