Professional small, medium and large venue projectors

No other technology lights up a really big screen like TI DLP® technology

When it comes to venues, from small to large, high uptime, reliability and razor-sharp images with precise colors are the rule. TI DLP® technology is the only imaging technology powerful enough to support professional venues with projectors as bright as 50,000 lumens! The result: vibrant images for any professional application, including the most demanding venues such as concerts, plays, musicals, houses of worship and more.

DLP professional large screen projectors
Large venue projectors as bright as 50,000 lumens!

DLP 1 chip and 3 chip design for high brightness

Super-bright, DLP projectors designed for professional venues are available in DLP 1 chip and 3 chip design to allow for maximum lumen output. With its reflective architecture, the result is nothing short of spectacular. DLP projectors for professional venues are suited for a wide variety of demanding applications in virtual reality, simulation and training, visitor attractions, collaboration suites and scientific visualization.

DLP projectors designed for large venues are the standard for movie and TV award ceremonies such as the Oscars®, outdoor concerts, large stage events and even Broadway productions. Whether projection is used to complement an event or simply to display the on-stage performers as large as life even from the back row, DLP projectors designed for high brightness makes it possible.

DLP professional large screen projectors for concerts and event

Small, medium and large venues demand high performance DLP projectors

It's easy to imagine the possibilities of professional venue applications. For houses of worship, the big screen can support song lyrics, scripture quotes and camera views of the service. For large auditoriums, every seat in the facility is the best seat in the house as DLP large venue projectors provide a massive view of the presenter on stage along with the slides of the presentation.

For scientific and seismic visualization, medical imaging, high resolution display of financial data, video conferencing, collaboration suites, simulation and visitor attractions across different industries such as oil and gas, automotive, healthcare, defense and aerospace, and media and entertainment, DLP projectors is the premier choice. If your needs include powerful projectors to display a bright, vibrant image, look no further than DLP technology.

DLP projector technology - make sure your projectors are powered with the world's leading projection technology.

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

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