TI DLP technology is the #1 projection display technology

DLP technology is the world’s leader in projection display

DLP products has a long history of projection innovations starting with their first mainstream projector introduced in 1996 to the industry's first ultra short throw, lamp free, 1080p projector introduced in 2014. DLP technology features unique innovations that can ensure precise color and outstanding readability to benefit multiple markets, including education, business and consumer electronics.

DLP technology is in a class by itself

Today, DLP technology is recognized worldwide for its high reliability, high brightness and low cost of ownership. DLP technology is definitely in a class by itself.

DLP technology is the leading projection display technology for the smallest hand-held projectors to the largest movie theatres screens Everyday, people are also choosing DLP technology for classrooms, conference rooms and home theaters.

DLP projector advantages

  • Long-lasting, accurate color – and we have an Academy® Plaque* to prove it.
  • Fast video performance - movies, games and fast-paced educational content are experienced in crisp, vivid detail regardless of the speed of action.
  • Great image quality with proven high reliability, low power consumption, and low cost of ownership.
Advantages of DLP technology for projectors
The world’s leader in projection display technology

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

Top 5 reasons to choose DLP projectors

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Fun facts about TI DLP technology

Fun facts about TI DLP technology

Did you know you are watching DLP technology in major sports events?

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There is a projector with DLP technology for your projection needs

Classroom projectors

In a competitive world, you want the best technology tools in the classroom; technology that offers distinct advantages for teachers and students.

DLP technology has been offering differentiated advantages for years and continues to raise the bar through innovations that expand instructional reach for teachers and can lower the total cost of ownership for schools at the same time.

Conference room projectors

We work in a wireless, seamless, digital, instant-access world of technological wonders that have transformed the way we communicate.

Many businesses seek to implement the latest projector technology to enhance presentations and provide a reliable tool for everyday use. DLP projectors are helping overcome the "technology gap".

Home theater projectors

Movies and TV will take on a whole new level of WOW! With the lighting fast speed of the DLP chip, video is smooth and cinema-like.

Fast action video is sharp and clear without motion blur. Imagine Full HD with razor-sharp images so real you will think you're watching live.

Professional large screen projectors

When it comes to large venues, such as concert halls and houses of worship, big projected images are the rule.

DLP technology is the only imaging technology capable of lighting up the largest screens in the world while delivering an amazing image quality, even on the side of a building.

Short and ultra short throw projectors

Short and ultra short throw DLP projectors are used in applications where the distance to the projection screen must be minimized.

With innovations to support networking and interactivity, DLP short and ultra short throw projectors are able to project onto a screen from as little as 1.5 feet away and come in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

Lamp free projectors

The days of hassling with changing lamps are over when you choose DLP projectors with lamp free technology.

With light sources rated to last for over 20,000 hours of use, DLP lamp free projectors are truly hassle free as all models turn on and off instantaneously - saving time and money.

DLP technology - Make sure your projectors are powered with the world's leading projection technology.