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DLP® Technology is your DREAM Solution for Machine Vision

Digital switching using reflective and reliable MEMS micromirrors

  • Programmable Structured Light allows projection of custom and adaptable patterns onto the target object to capture physical measurements, analyze location, or inspect a surface
  • Various DMD resolutions offer design flexibility for print size, resolution from DLP3000 (608x684) to DLP9000 (2560x1600)
  • Adjustable bit-depths support from binary to grayscale patterns for accuracy over time and distance

Repeatable precise 3D measurements

  • Non-invasive method of 3D machine vision
  • Hermetic package options for use in harsher environments

Evaluation modules accelerate development

  • Several complete hardware modules integrate both electronics and optics
  • Software development kit provides calibration and point cloud generation routines

Accurate high speed 3D measurements

  • High depth accuracy from um to mm
  • Various DMD resolutions allow for optimal point cloud density and adjustable brightness
  • Input and output triggers easily enable scalable high speed captures from 4kHz to 32kHz pattern frame rates

Minimizes color, distance, movement, and environment sensitivity

  • Configurable light sources support monochrome and color patterns for optical efficiency between 365 nm -2500 nm
  • DMD design inherently minimizes temperature sensitivity for reliable 3D measurements


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Generate your accurate 3D Point Cloud using the DLP Structured Light SDK and reference design.    Download design files

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