TI DLP® Solutions for Spectroscopy

From crops to store shelves, TI DLP® technology offers high performance and system programmability for your spectroscopy solutions. Optimized for near-infrared (NIR) measurements of liquids and solids, the DLP2010NIR and DLP4500NIR digital micromirror devices (DMDs) enable 700-2500 nm compatibility for field analysis and inline manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, agriculture, and more.

Mobile sensing
TI DLP® NIRscan™
DLP2010NIR DMD features:
  • Leverages latest 5.4um pixel size for more compact optical designs
  • Adjustable pattern rates up to 2,880 Hz for precise spectral scans
  • 700-2500 nm NIR wavelength range
DLP NIRscan Nano EVM features:
  • 900 – 1700 nm wavelength range
  • Up to 6000:1 signal-to-noise ratio with reflectance module
  • Bluetooth® and Bluetooth low energy for wireless connectivity with battery charging option
High performance
TI DLP® NIRscan™
DLP4500NIR DMD key features:
  • Over 1 million micromirrors for high performance systems
  • Programmable high-speed pattern rates up to 4,225 Hz for real-time measurements
  • 700-2500 nm NIR wavelength range
DLP NIRscan EVM features:
  • 1350-2450 nm wavelength range
  • More than 30,000:1 signal to noise ratio for <1 second measurements
  • Compatible with reflective or fiber-based sampling modules
Tech Doc Downloads

Accelerate development time with the NIR spectrometer reference design based on DLP technology