Overview for Display & Projection

Powerful DLP chips use millions of fast microscopic mirrors to deliver vivid and crisp images wherever displays or projection are needed.

Pico chipsets

Explore the pico portfolio for designing compact and ultra-mobile display solutions delivering excellent image quality.

Standard chipsets

Search the standard portfolio when developing larger display products requiring bright, high resolution chipsets and additional system design flexibility.

DLP advantages

The advantages are clear!
Read how DLP projectors are the right choice for you.

DLP TRP pixel architecture

The latest TI DLP digital micromirror devices (DMDs) utilize TRP architecture to deliver an impressively small 5.4µm pixel pitch. The mirror array on DLP chips with TRP pixels can be half the size in comparison to DLP chips of similar resolution using the previous pixel architecture. TRP architecture allows developers to create a wide variety of products in smaller form factors than ever before.

DLP TRP pixel architecture

Each of these micromirrors measures
less than one-fifth the width of a human hair

How to display an image with DLP chips

Watch this overview video explaining how DLP chips are able to project video and images.

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How to display an image with DLP chips

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