DLP Video and Data Display products from TI provide reliable DMD control and image processing to enable a wide range of low power and portable Pico display applications. TI offers design support for this chip family, including technical documents, software, and contacts to Solutions and Services providers.

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DLP2010 : DLP® 0.2 WVGA DMD

DLPA2000 : PMIC/LED Driver for DLP2010 (0.2 WVGA) DMD

DLPC3430 : DLP® Display Controller for DLP2010 (0.2 WVGA) DMD

  • DLPC3430, DLPC3435, DLPC3433, DLPC3438 Software Programmer’s Guide (dlpu020.PDF, 562 KB)
    18 Jul 2014 Download
  • DLPC6401 GUI User’s Guide (dlpu014.PDF, 178 KB)
    30 Dec 2013 Download