Why TI for Embedded Processors?

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Unmatched Innovation & Expertise

  • First & fastest DSP
  • Industry's lowest power microcontroller
  • First wireless MCU with integrated Wi-Fi & Internet connectivity
  • 30+ years shipping MCUs and DSPs
  • 10+ billion units shipped

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  • E2E community of 186K engineers
  • Training 24/7 on ti.com
  • 150+ TI Designs for Embedded systems
  • Robust hardware & software tools
  • Largest local support sales & applications teams
  • Long product lifecycles measured in decades

TI Embedded Portfolio Overview

Embedded Processors Overview



Wireless connectivity Product family Key Features Targeted Sector/EE Price Range(10ku)
Near field communication (NFC)/RFID
  • 13.56 MHz NFC/RFID and 134KHz products
  • Transceivers and basestation ICs
  • Highly integrated RF basestation ICs for superior RF performance
  • Passive battery-less operation transponders
Medical, IoT, Automotive security, Secure access, Identification, Metering, Building automation, Personal Electronics $0.30 - $5.75
Higher for reader modules
SimpleLink™ - Wireless connectivity for MCU
  • Transceivers and Network Processors
  • Sub 1GHz, 2.4GHz
  • 802.11 abgn Wi-Fi, Internet-on-a-chip™, IoT ready
  • Low Power and easy to use
  • Certified SW stack and modules
Personal connectivity, Wearable, Medical, Industrial, Building automation, Security, Metering, Audio, Automotive, IoT $1 to $18
WiLink™ – Wireless connectivity for Processors
  • High-performance Wi-Fi + dual mode BT / BLE
  • Certified modules
  • Certified SW stack running on Processors
Personal electronics, Industrial, Building automation, Wearable, Audio, Automotive, IoT $8.50 to $22

Wireless MCUs

Wireless MCU Product family Key Features Targeted Sector/EE Price Range(10ku)
  • Passive battery-less operation
  • 13.56 MHz NFC/RFID compliant products
  • Low-power MCU core with highly integrated RF on chip with peripherals
  • Security
Medical Patches, IoT, Secure access, Automotive, Metering, Building automation, Printers $0.70 - $5.00
  • Core: 16-bit MSP
  • Integrated CC1101 Sub 1GHz RF Transceiver
  • Low Power (180 uA/MHz active, 1.7uA standby with RTC)
  • Integration including a segment LCD controller, 12-bit ADC and hardware AES
Home and building automation, Portable health monitors, Wearable electronics $2.60-3.20
SimpleLink MCUs
  • Core: ARM Cortex-M3/M4
  • Sub-1 GHz or 2.4 GHz RF with multiple protocols, 802.11 abgn Wi-Fi
  • MCU peripherals
  • Low Power and easy to use
  • Device and network security
  • Certified SW stack and modules
Personal connectivity, Wearable, Medical, Industrial, Building automation, Security, Smart Sensors, Metering, Automotive, IoT $2 to $8


Low-Power Microcontrollers

Ultra Low Power MCUs Product family Key Features Targeted Sector/EE Price Range(10ku)
MSP430™ MCUs
  • Core: MSP 16-bit
  • Ultra-low power (<100uA/MHz, 0.1uA in stand by)
  • Flash or FRAM memory
  • Low-power, high performance Analog (including Sigma Delta)
  • USB, LCD drivers, Op Amps
  • Comprehensive Software
Metering, Smart grid, Industrial automation, Building automation, Medical, General purpose $0.34 - $9.50
Low-Power + Performance MCUs MSP432™ MCUs
  • Core: ARM® Cortex®-M4F
  • Ultra-low power (95μA/MHz, 850nA standby)
  • Industry’s lowest power ARM Cortex-M3/M4
  • 256KB Flash with simultaneous read/erase
  • 64KB RAM with RAM retention
  • 1MSPS 14-bit ADC (13.2 ENOB), 375μA
  • Pin-for-pin roadmaps to 2MB Flash
  • MSPWare with DriverLib, 150+ code examples
Industrial Automation, Portable Consumer, Wearables, Metering, General purpose $1.95 - $2.95

Performance Microcontrollers

Real time Control MCU Product family Key Features Targeted Sector/EE Price Range(10ku)
C2000™ MCUs
  • Core: 32-bit C28x
  • Real-time control coprocessors and math accelerators
  • Motor control and digital power Analog integration (up to 24 precision PWMs, 12 to 16 bit ADCs with up to 12.5 MSPS)
  • Extended temperature range and AEC qualified
Motor control, Renewable energy, Appliance, Digital power, Industrial drives $1.89 – $23.15
Control + Automation C2000MCUs
  • Core: C28x + ARM Cortex-M3, -M4F
  • Real-time control integration
  • Host control integration
Factory automation, Motor control, Renewable energy $9.40 – $24.69
  • Core: ARM Cortex-M4F
  • Sensor hub functionality
  • Rich combinations of connectivity options including dual CAN and USB 2.0
  • Integrated Ethernet MAC+ PHY
  • Extensive software libraries and stacks
Industrial IoT, PLCs, Lighting, Industrial automation, Portable Consumer, Metering, HMI, General purpose $2.75 to $10.00
Safety MCU Hercules™ MCUs
  • Core: ARM R4/ R5F
  • On-chip diagnostic coverage
  • Lockstep CPUs & ECC protection
  • TUEV safety certification
  • Automotive AEC qualified
  • High Availability
Factory automation (PLC), Building automation (Elevators), Motor drives, Transportation (Railways, Avionics), HEV, Medical $4.00 – $30.00


Single Core & Multicore Processors

DSP Product family Key Features Targeted Sector/EE Price Range(10ku)
C5000™ DSP
C6000™ DSP
Multicore DSP
  • Deterministic, real-time processing
  • High-performance math processing
  • Power efficient processing
  • High-throughput interfaces
  • Industry's lowest active power consumption
Audio, Machine Vision, Medical Imaging, Radar, HPC, Video Encoding, Telecom and Wireless Infrastructure $2 to $300
ARM Application Processor Sitara™ Processors
  • ARM Cortex-A8, -A9 and -A15
  • Multimedia and graphics acceleration
  • Deterministic real-time accelerators
  • Scalable to dual and quad-core
  • Best-in-class Linux support
Factory and Building Automation, HMI, Gateways, Motor Drives, Smart Grid, General Purpose $5 to $50

Automotive Processors

Automotive ADAS and Infotainment Product family Key Features Targeted Sector/EE Price Range(10ku)
TDAx ADAS Processors
  • Core: ARM Cortex-M4, Cortex-A8, -A15
  • DSP-based acceleration
  • Vision accelerator
  • 3D-2D Graphics acceleration
  • Automotive peripherals
  • Automotive AEC qualified
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Front Camera, Park Assist, Surround/Top View, Rear Camera, Radar, Fusion, Driver Monitoring $15 - $50
"Jacinto6" Infotainment Processors
  • Core: ARM Cortex-A8, -A15 (single and dual)
  • DSP based acceleration (single and dual)
  • 3D-2D Graphics acceleration (single and dual)
  • Digital radio accelerators
  • Display, video capture
  • Rich combinations of connectivity options
  • Automotive peripherals
Auto Infotainment, Rear-seat, Cluster, Integrated Cockpit, V2V/V2X $15 - $50

Tools and Software

Find the right software and development tools to speed your design for DSP, MCU and ARM based processors.

Tools and Software

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