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Digital Signal Processors

KeyStone multicore DSP + ARM processors include a wide range of device choices that deliver the highest performance at the lowest power levels and costs.

TI’s KeyStone platform provides up to 5.6GHz of ARM and 9.6GHz of DSP processing at lower power than multichip solutions, making it optimal for embedded infrastructure applications like cloud computing, media processing, high-performance computing, transcoding, security, gaming, analytics, and virtual desktop.

Multicore processors in the 66AK2Hx platform include the 66AK2H06 and 66AK2H12 and in the 66AK2Ex platform include the 66AK2E05 and 66AK2E02. Using the new KeyStone II architecture, this is the first platform to combine the quad ARM Cortex™-A15 with up to eight TMS320C66x high performance DSPs.

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  • Do MORE with Multicore- Medical Imaging

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Highly-optimized bundles of foundational, platform-specific drivers

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Image and Video Processing Library (IMGLIB)

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Components to facilitate the development of the signal processing chain for VOIP

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Telecom Libraries

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Highly-optimized bundles of foundational, platform-specific drivers

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