Digital Signal Processors


From sensors to servers, TI has the right DSPs for every application.

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Digital Signal Processors

From less than 0.20mW active power per MHz for battery powered applications to greater than 160GFLOPs performance for the most demanding systems, TI offers the industry's broadest portfolio of digital signal processors.

In 1983, TI introduced its first digital signal processor, the TMS32010. Since that time, TI innovation has been a cornerstone on which entire digital industries have been built. From our roots in speech and audio signal processing, the ability to process signals and data in real-time has pushed TI processors into applications from low-power embedded vision systems to compute intensive data mining server applications. While vastly different on face, these applications share the requirement to respond to, act on, and process signals quickly and within a defined power envelope. TI DSPs are the best in the world at delivering real-time processing performance in embedded systems.

The C-programmable C66xx DSP Core is the world's fastest integrated floating point DSP delivering over 20GFLOPS at 1.25Ghz while also supporting deterministic real-time performance. From low-power single-CPU devices that consume less than 0.5W to multi-core SoC's, the C6000 family spans a wide range that can form the foundation of a complete product portfolio. The C66xx DSP core is compatible with all previous generations of TI C6000 fixed and floating point DSPs making software re-use and migration from previous TI DSPs easy.

TI's Code Composer Studio development environment and integrated compiler make the software programmer's job simple. With TI's advanced, optimizing compiler, developers can program in C and achieve optimized code, can debug in real-time, shortening the development cycle and getting products to market faster.

The TMS320C5000 family of 16-bit fixed point DSPs are industry leaders in terms of active power consumed per MHz of performance - less than 0.20mW/MHz - enabling these products to sit next to accelerometers, cameras or other sensors in battery powered end-point applications.

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